Aw C’mon This Is Silliness

Yesterday I go into work and it is kind of slow but since I am closing I know it will get busy later on when people start heading out after their 8 hour shifts are complete.

Then the manager comes up to me and says I am sending you over to another restaurant where they are short on people. Now before anyone gets the idea they are sending cause I am a good man it is because I am lowest on seniority.

So from Air Canada domestic departures to international departures I am escorted over. After what seemed like 15 minutes I arrive at the other end of the Terminal and see a big line up waiting to get a table.

From what I understand one person got suspended and the other called in sick because from what the supervisor said she requested the night off and was refused. Therefore she called in sick. Not surprising because with no flexibility in scheduling that is what people do.

The manager logs me into the computer and says bere are my tables ( about 8-9 of them ) and they start sitting me. In a span of about 10 minutes I am full. Not exactly sure of the table numbers as of yet I start taking a bunch of orders.

I get a bit of heat from typing in the wrong table number but hey I have only been in this restaurant since I arrived 10 minutes ago. I told them as much to take it easy.

At the end of the night I ended up the closer alone and got out at midnight. Being international the tips were lousy. The chef , bartender , and manager thanked me and I did a great job. I guess so!

It is too bad managers can’t bid on having who works for them like a draft in professional sports. I would be one of the top picks.

As it is now and this is a good example there is the bartender I was talking to last night that has worked 7 years at the airport and transferred to this restaurant so she could get a Sunday and Monday off. Like I told her I will be pushing close to 60 before that happens to me.

Not surprisingly I woke up with terrible cramps in both my legs last night and had to take some painkillers to subdue the agony.

Here is my question. As soon as I arrived there one by one waiters started taking their breaks and having a bite to eat. So what is that? I didn’t get a break. Then on closing having to close where you haven’t even worked before while others leave.

This is pretty weird. Plus the drive and being away for 11 hours is all too much.

And despite the long hours each day I am not making much more than before where I worked less.

In another month I will decide if to stay there or not.

This moving around though is obscene and so is the gas consumption.



  1. My completely unsolicited opinion is that you should let it go. Get back into upscale dining and shine there. Even if you don't make quite as much you'll have to work half as hard, with fewer hours, and you likely won't be in sweat shop w/ few rights and people passing the buck on to you left and right.. which is what this all sounds like to me. If you plan to wait tables until you're 60 your feet and legs will thank you for standing around and talking it up in fine dining anyway. Seniority is generally a load of crap in my opinion. If that's what you're up against it's another reason I'd break loose. Give me the hungry, hard working server with bills to pay, all day every day. Performance is all that matters. Seniority only means you've been there longer but it's no promise that you're better.

  2. The Jaded Waiter….totally agree. I am not long there. I am planning on the end of June. But depending on what comes up maybe sooner. You hit on all the points. I will just be run ragged in this place shuffled to and fro.

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