Prepare to be Excellent

The other night I was giving the students the bartending test so I can give them some kind of mark for the course.

It is a pretty easy test and throughout the 10 weeks if they had been reading the notes I had been giving out each week they would have no problem passing.

So after the test one of the students who loved the course came up with what I thought was a funny comment.

She said the questions on the test were not what she expected and that she spent a lot of her time studying parts of her notes that were not even asked. I thought she was kidding at first but she was dead serious. Apparently I had mentioned that this and that would be on the test.

I replied back that is what she should have done. Why if you were going to write a test would you only study part of your notes and not 100% of them. So I guess by me implying that something was going to be on the test made her study that part of her notes as well.

It is sort of like becoming a bartender and starting the job but saying I can mix the drinks but I don’t do ice….

My philosophy is if you want to learn something learn all of it. Why learn just some of it. Even my gifted 9 year old caught on to it when I told him of her statement.

So my thoughts are as always. If you only know a couple of things in life excellent that is all you need. Just learn it backwards and forward. Like it and learn it.

Maybe being a bartender is not in her future by choice but I remember when it was exam time in high school I hunkered down and studied everything. Same with the Sommelier course , French course , hotel course , typing course and other things. Just learn as much as you can and do as well as you can.

It is not about picking and choosing and sneaking by. It is about doing your best.

You don’t bake a cake and say I think I will skip the eggs this time…..



  1. I honestly don't think you should be so hard on her. She did study everything, but a lot of the students have been taught to only learn what is "going to be on the test" because of the sheer amount of information they are given in school. Bartending class is not like a h.s. or college class, in that, a lot of the info you are given in school you won't utilize ever again, but in bartending class everything is probably relevant to the job you hope to get.So if you use the disclaimer "This is going to be on the test" some of your students are going to take it to mean "Only the things I say will be on the test will be." Perhaps you shouldn't say that?And her one statement shouldn't really be a clue to whether or not she has bartending in her future. [Keeping in mind, that is all I know about this particular girl. She may have done other things in class only you know.] But I would give her a chance.

  2. SkippyMom…point well taken. I wasn't that hard on her I just replied back that why wouldn't you study 100% of your notes. Anyway she was there not to become a bartender. In fact most just want to be there for the recreation part of it. Not to find a job. I guess the point of the post is not to learn part of anything but to try to learn all of it.

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