Are You Taking Your 30 Minute Break?

Where I work I pretty much have to take a 30 minute break during my 8 1/2 shift cause I am paid only for 8 hours.

Except I never do because what am I going to do? No one else is taking their break at that time and after 5 minutes I would be so bored I would wish I was back on the floor making money. So they make me sign out for break and then sign back in so that my time sheet shows I took a break.

They are so uptight about people taking breaks that at 10:30 yesterday my co-worker decided to take hers’. It was dead then and the supervisor asked me to take one of her tables that just sat down. I said sure and off she went. At that moment when breakfast just turned into lunch I got swarmed by a whole bunch of tables. The host kept sitting people in her section after mine became full.

I was running around like crazy so the supervisor came up to me and ask if there was anything she could do to help. Well what could I tell her?

I replied back, “How About Getting the Server That is On Break?” She even asked me where the other server was after telling me not 10 minutes before to take her table.

Seriously what can a supervisor actually do when you are in the weeds. Nothing really except maybe take a food and drink order which apparently they cannot or allowed to do cause of the union.

Better still why not get the person taking the break. That might be an idea.

But I guess they need that person to take their full half hour entitlement.

I tell you I was truly in the weeds. About 25 people came and ate and were gone a half hour later. In an airport time is of the essence.

So next time no break at 10:30 please….

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