A Sampling of a Wine Review from the Weekly Newsletter

Estate Bottled, 2009
Cabernet Sauvignon
Lontué Valley – Sagrada Familia
Chile 14.5%

My aim each week is to pick up a bottle that cost less than $20 at the LCBO here in Ontario so for this week I chose this wine that was a mere $13.75. There are still good valued Chilean wines to taste as opposed to most other countries where the price is edging toward $20 and up for the same quality. Well let’s give this a taste but first something about the Lontué Valley.

Located in the center of Chile this valley is a sub region of the Curico Valley. Curico and Lontué are the two towns that make up this area of winemaking.

The Lontué benefits from several different soil types with limestone and volcanic rock being mixed in with alluvial clay and sand. The volcanic rock is found here with the presence of the Andes Mountains. In this wine growing area where there is good drainage and stony soils made up of limestone and volcanic rock Cabernet Sauvignon grows very well. Also the climate being of the Mediterranean variety suits this grape too.

On looking at the wine the core is ruby fading to cherry at the rim indicating it has a few years left on it still. It is clear and medium in intensity and when I put it to my nose I catch right away a little green bell pepper which is characteristic of this grape variety. But then I get some black current with some hints of chocolate. I am even getting some liquorice. So all in all on the nose it is quite aromatic.

When tasting you get the pow of the alcohol burn on your palate and mouth watering tannins to pucker up your lips. It feels a bit like you are tasting something wild and deciduous. Great acidity though and together with a long finish this would be better to drink a couple of years from now. Another year or two would soften the wildness it possesses now. The mid palate is empty but that is typical of the Cabernet Sauvignon. This is why you see many Cab Merlot blends. The Merlot fills the mid palate.

In my opinion though this is really a good value wine and with my steak frites tonight I will enjoy this one.

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