I Find I Need Less Sleep

When I am working I usually hit the hay close to 1 AM and wake up about 7 especially on the school days when the kids are getting ready for school.

On the Friday and Saturday nights my work hours end later and it being busier I find it harder to get to sleep earlier than 2. But then I wake up about 8.

To top it all off I never sleep straight through.

Usually on my work days I try to take a nap but lately I haven’t even been able to nap. I just lay down and maybe sleep about 15 minutes.

Last night I was off and so with everyone going to bed early around 10ish I decide, especially in need of fighting this cold, do the same.

So what happens I can’t get to sleep. With this cold I am coughing too throughout the night which doesn’t help.

Here is what I need to get some input on. Do we need less sleep as we get older?


  1. I know my in laws and my older friends are always up before or at the crack of dawn – makes it nice for me because when I can't sleep I can get them online or one the phone. My husband – who is closer to you age – would sleep all the time, given the option, but he works full time and does all of our household chores [since I can't] so I understand how tired he gets. I think, in your case, it may be the cold that is keeping you awake – b/c I would imagine you would be tired after all that hard work. Have you tried Nyquil or something for a cough suppressant so you can sleep – Good luck feeling better soon!

  2. SkippyMom…it is the cold for sure and it might just be the time of year as well. Lots to think about.

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