A Guest Service Tip from Last Week’s Newsletter

Here is a tip I shared in my newsletter last week.

I often find when you serve a meat that is cooked to a degree of doneness that when you do a quality check you have to wait just a bit longer before seeing if the guest is happy. Sometimes when you check too early they have not cut into the center portion of the meat.

For example the other day I had a guest order a T-Bone Steak. He wanted it cooked medium well but shortly after he called me over and said that the outside edges looked well done. I then asked him to cut into the middle of the steak and check. He agreed and noticed it was medium well. Especially with a T-Bone I always mention that toward the bone you may find it a bit rarer than on the outside of the cut.

The steak was cooked fine in this case and I saved a needless return to the kitchen with an unwanted steak that was cooked to their request.

In conclusion if you think the steak is cooked correctly make sure the guest has cut into the middle of the steak before taking it back. Also when you do the quality check make sure they have had a few bites of their steak already. Sometimes you can go too early and they say it is fine then a few minutes later they are calling you back to have it cooked up more.

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Have a wonderful day! I am off and going to enjoy it.

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