Gum Anyone?

I am shocked by the amount of gum I find that people take out of their mouth and stick underneath the table.

Really is it so difficult to just take it out and put it in a kleenex or deposit it in the nearest garbage. Or even politely ask the waiter for something to put it in.

Last week we had to check our tables and take off all the gum that people have been putting underneath since a very long time. Imagine now working in an airport where people come and go and never come back to eat.

I stopped after a table and a half. There must have been 20 pieces of gum under one table alone. It would take someone all day to get it all off the 50 tables in this restaurant and even then I think that is being optimistic.

The next time you are in a restaurant run your hand or check underneath your table and see if there is gum that has been left behind.

It may surprise you.


  1. one night when I was working, a girl (not in my section, thank god) crossed her legs and rubbed against the bottom of the table and a huge wad of gum stuck to her black tights. I felt bad for her because they couldn't remove it, no matter what they did, but it was hilarious!!

  2. michelle…that is too funny. Thank you for the comment and will check out your blog.

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