My Wife Starts a New Job Today

Since January 11th when my wife said good bye to her last job that quite frankly was getting on her nerves real bad she has a bit of time off to relax while I worked somewhere that made up for her hours lost.

She hasn’t had that great a time coping with bronchitis then we found out it was pneumonia. Also some high blood pressure had to be controlled that I think was a direct cause of the job she left.

Anyway today she starts a new one as a server doing lunches only from 10:30 to 3. This means no getting up for her at 5AM going to work and setting up buffets , waiting for the cook to arrive, and people coming in before the restaurant opens to get a morning coffee.

Now it will be just go in and check the reservations. Check the features and open the doors. That is about it.

I know she will do a good job as always and because of her finding this job I am also able to go back to where I used to work. Together we should make some decent money without killing ourselves and being able to partake in some family activities together.

Thinking along those lines my two boys got outstanding report cards. In fact my oldest one in the gifted class got all A and a B+ in Dance. It was so good that when I read it I wept openly.

I guess I got emotional because as a parent that is what you hope for. If we didn’t spend some time with them it wouldn’t have happened.

So I guess what I am saying is you gotta have a balance in life. Sure you need the money but it is how you make it that is the most important. If all you are going to do is work it affects your mind. One guy I was talking to at the airport has waited on tables there for 7 years and has never had Christmas day off or New Year’s. No wonder there is a sense of sarcasm and bitterness within him when speaking of the job.

I don’t want to be that. If I had to , I would work day and night but if I don’t have to why would I?

What I am saying is live life if you can while you are alive if that makes any sense. Don’t wait.

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