Don’t Say Anything or We Will Never Get Outta Here

Last night three of us are closing. Everything is done. I have swept and mopped the floor. We are all cashed out and have deposited our envelopes.

All three of us have punched out as well then one of us ( not me ) ask if the morning staff will have plenty of rollups for their shift tomorrow. There are already two baskets full.

The manager says we should check if there is any cutlery remaining and if so we should finish it up. We check and the remaining cutlery isn’t even washed yet. We go tell the manager and he says we should just run it through and between the three of us it should only take a few minutes to finish.

So all three of us punch back in to wait for the cutlery and then finish another 30 rollups.

Let me ask you if you think it was worth it for the company to pay 3 of us to stay later and do 30 rollups especially when the morning staff have nothing to do for the first hour they are in.

So last night I finally get out at 11:30 reach the parking lot at 11:50 and hit the highway at 3 past midnight. All for a few extra rollups.

I am not saying that work shouldn’t be completed before one goes but everything was done until one chirped up about cutlery. I mean it wasn’t even washed yet for pete’s sake and we gotta stay and wait.

Grrrrrr………..Well it is only two more shifts after all.

No problem.



  1. OMG I would've shot him. Two more, just two more. 😉

  2. SkippyMom…I know eh..

  3. Let me guess–that person is the same idiot who starts asking dumb questions when a mantatory meeting is drawing to a close, isn't he?

  4. Rachel….she would be the one. You are correct. lol

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