People’s Reaction On My Last Night

You always get a few remarks on your last day which might indicate people’s mood toward the place in which they work. Some of the ones are:

1. I wish I was the one that was leaving.

2. Wish it was my last night.

3. You are a nice guy and smart getting out now unlike the rest of us.

4. Buddy you are a smart man….

The thing is this one of those places you work where if you stay awhile you become trapped. While I worked there many people who have been there for some years will say things like that but they have been become entrapped in that world and the fear of moving elsewhere poses a greater risk than staying put.

The sense of security they get from a union even though it is a lousy one is strong enough to make them stay. Soon the new person who stays on becomes changed and loses initiative. Then complains. The outside world away from the airport becomes daunting.

The people were nice but the airport community was a closed one. It affected the people working there. I could sense a change in me even after only a few months.

It wasn’t for me. I am going back to a place I really enjoyed.

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