If You Want New Year Resolutions To Work

I do not make New Year resolutions. It is probably the worst time to make any resolutions at all. Like the smokers who say that they are going to quit smoking at midnight but there they are partying and dying for a smoke then finally giving in as they order another beverage.

My thought is you should begin any New Year resolution on the 15th of January. This way you have settled down from all the going ons during the festive season and back in work mode and normal life. Also you have two weeks to gear up for it.

To make any resolution work you have to replace the bad habit , or good habit you want to develop , and make some yardstick to measure it.

Let’s say you want to quit smoking. This is an easy one. Take the money you would have spent smokes on and put it in a jar or bank account and watch your savings grow. Now a lot of people do that but quit doing it after a while. The reason is you have to be saving up for something. So let’s say you want to buy a new TV quadrophonic sound system. If you have to put a picture of one by the jar then you will be reminded each time you are saving money what the reason is. Saving money alone will not stop you from smoking.

Once you buy the system you will see what the result was from quitting smoking. It is not just the money in the jar which will do it for you. After you do it once decide on what else you want. Do this over and over again till the bad habit is gone.

If you want to develop a good habit like spending some time with your kids set an achieveable goal at the beginning like for example 2 extra hours a week.Tell the kids. Make it easy as a lot of people make their goal unrealistic which only leads one to feel discontent and angry with themselves. Once you do those 2 hours a week and it becomes a good habit then you can build on it after. They say it takes about 7 weeks to make a good habit stick.

In any case the main thing is do your best. If you take a smoke one time a day it is better than 20. Just work on cutting it out. It is just a conscious decision you have to make.

That is all life is. A lot of people do not take any action which in itself is still a decision. A decision to do nothing.

So make 2010 a great year and may I take the opportunity to wish everyone out there a happy , healthy , prosperous New Year. And if you can pick only one I would say be happy. Because usually if you are happy you are healthy too.

Take care.



  1. Happy New Year!!!

  2. We don't make new year's resolutions because what, really, is the difference between January 1st & Feb 1st?You do what you want to do when you want to do it – and I like the line you said about even indecision is still a decision. Well put.Some of these sound like things you are contemplating or have in the past. If you have resolutions I wish you the absolute best and I hope 2010 is awesome for you, Soley and the boys.

  3. SkippyMom…I was off tonight and it sure felt different having a nice relaxing NY's eve with the family. Anyway thank you for your comments and interest in us and make sure you and your family have an outstanding year in 2010. You deserve it!

  4. I like your resoluyion advice!! Quite sound, but then, your advice generally is!! Happy New Year!! God bless.

  5. Good advice, particularly the smoking example. It drives me nuts to hear all my coworkers complain about how broke they are, how their car is about to get repossessed, how they're short on rent …. while cracking open their second pack of smokes that day. I work with people who easily spend $300 a month on just cigarettes. Maybe I'll suggest this to the ones who say they want to quit!

  6. Purplegirl…yea makes us sick doesn't it. People need a strong motivation to quit smoking. Although with what you say you would think that would be enough motivation.Ha

  7. Great post, dear Waiter E!Actually I do make resolutions, of which I take some seriously – while others not so much. I think it is nice to see the whole new year in front of you, thinking: "What am I going to do with it? Oh yeah, let's built a career … and read more poetry … and have some fun!"This year I am trying to go to bed earlier instead of watching three episodes of 'friends' after the shift. Plus I'll stop biting my nails. Yes, we can! 😉

  8. Megaphon…great stuff! The ones you take seriously will always be successful in the end but you know that already I am sure.

  9. Naseem…and to you as well!

  10. The Veteran Server…Happy New Year as well to you and God Bless!

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