The Most Stupid Temperature of Doneness on a Steak

Medium Well. I say Medium Well because why bother just having a thin line of pink in the middle. Is that thin line of pink in the middle surrounded by well done meat all around it going to make a difference on how dry your steak is going to taste?

Besides being silly, it must be the most difficult temperature to cook for. A minute too long and it is well done. I had a table tonight who asked for Medium Well steaks and when I did my table check they said it was more well done. But I could see some pink in it. So why not just order it medium or well done. Live recklessly!

People who order medium well in my opinion are not sure what they really want in life. Go for it! Make that decision! Live on the edge!

What do you think? I think medium well should be put aside.


  1. Sorry, but medium rare [or rare depending on the steak] should be the only temp on a menu. What is the point otherwise? Med well and well should be banished. :)Enjoy your days off.

  2. I think anything over med-rare is unnecessary. But, yeah med-well is pretty stupid.

  3. I order mine medium well, but I'm okay with well. If it's still medium I'll send it back, because I just can't take the squishy texture. šŸ™‚

  4. When we're taking temp orders for our filet mignon during weddings, we get every temp you can have. They may start out correctly but after sitting in the hot box for any length of time they're all mid-well.Happy New Year!

  5. SkippyMom..I am okay with my own steak at medium. I certainly will. Thanks.

  6. Confessions of a Waitress…Medium is okay. Med well may as well go all the way.

  7. Purplegirl…okay I knew this would happen someone would like theirs' medium well. Now you I would make an exception

  8. Banquet Manager…where I used to do weddings we said everything is coming medium during the planning stage but if someone wants well done we will do that for them. Also of course the vegetarians were planned into it , allergies etc.. So when they would come in we would take the order knowing ahead of time what they were eating.We just didn't know where they were sitting. When they sat down they would tell us what they preordered. Then if one piped up well done no worries. Usually the kitchen would cook all the steaks to mr then on pickup sizzle them to medium and the number of wd requested. Of course this all helps too when you have a big pass to work with and place to cook it all to medium. The a la carte would be going the same time too. Fun stuff. Taking all temperatures on a big function is kinda stupid on the spot. I can't imagine the headaches the cooks have trying to get all the temps right. I know it can be done but a big wedding then just throwing the steaks on sounds a bit like trying to solve Rubik cube in less than a minute with a whole bunch of other stuff going on. I couldn't do it and that is why I wait.Ha

  9. lol, I order mine medium well. And I do this because I feel like well done takes too much flavor out and medium is too pink for my liking. Although, I rarely order steak so it doesn't really matter.. I'm more of a chicken or seafood person

  10. BB…Ha ha that is the exact reason you should order mw.I had fun with this post. Of course everyone has their preference.

  11. This post reminds me of the people who say they want their meat med well but then tell me "I really want it medium well so I guess I should say medium since everywhere I go they over cook it." I think there are many people who don't even know what temp they really want their meat at. I don't think they really know what med well, med, med rare, etc means.

  12. LW…that is a good point you make. A lot of the time I will tell them how the meat will come out and then they will change their mind to another temperature. Then you get some ordering for others who are in the washroom in which case I say I will note that but will doublecheck with the person when they return. More often than not they want it cooked differently. Prevents a hassle later on.

  13. I'm a little late arriving to the party but I order MW as well, for the same reasons mentioned earlier. Not a big fan of the squishy texture of a medium steak, though I'll eat it if that's how it comes and I think WD is a too dry. It's kind of like Goldilocks's and the three bears. MW is just right.

  14. Caleb….awesome. Like you say if MW works for you that is the main thing.To each their own as they say.

  15. This is the funniest, truest post I have read in a long time.Medium Well! yeah, that ones a joke allright!Its kind of like when I order fried eggs….Do you know how I like them? It falls betweem 'Over Easy" and "Over Medium" and its called "Over Light".Have you ever heard of egss Over Light?i'm always so pleased with myself when i order them, because nobody knows you can get them that way.Of course, they never come out that way…they are always either over easy or over medium!

  16.'d think eggs over light would be easy wouldn't ya! lol I could probably do that one. Hey Chef!!

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