If You Show These Three Traits You Will Usually Stand Out Amongst the Rest

The three traits I am about to tell you of has really nothing to do about waiting on tables. It has nothing to do with where you work or where you live but it has everything to do with you as a person.

Last night I was at the computer terminal punching in an order when the GM was trying to get a booster seat for a child when I politely stepped aside and got out of her way to let her get it. When at that moment I added that no matter how busy it may get I am always polite and mindful of others to which she added that without doubt I was. I said it half jokingly of course but I realized that there was some truth in it for I am always saying sorry or excuse me or letting someone in ahead of me. When someone ask me to do something usually I will always do it without a fuss. I try to smile and joke at work with my co-workers and guests no matter if we are all in the weeds or passing time when it is slow.

Now it sounds like I am tooting my own horn but when you act like this it usually attracts things that you desire rather than those other things that can wreak havoc in your life.

For instance , about 8 years ago I worked in a call centre with this guy who was in his late 40’s. We usually had lunch together and as time went on I learned that he once was a world water skiing champion back in the 70’s. When I was in my teens I used to watch sports all the time and I actually remember watching this guy win.

Well after that a few years later he started a company and became very successful and sold that company for 38 million dollars when he was only 33 years old. He designed something that apparently was useful in cell phones. Yeah I guess you could say he was quite brilliant and rather than continue being a business man he just decided to make his profit and break away.

He became in charge of water sports for Club Med soon after and traveled for 12 years with them. That must have been a blast.

Getting to the point , he was always polite and well mannered. He sold the most advertising slots of anyone in the magazine. He just had the winning way.

He told me of a story when he was in Argentina and having a big meeting with some other people when they were all distracted by Miss World who happened to come into the same
restaurant with a couple of body guards. Realizing he was losing the attention of the others he politely asked the woman if she would not mind giving an autograph to the googly eyed guys at his table. At first security said no but she said sure I will do it and even did a photo with each of them. He said thank you and watched one after the other go up to her.

After everyone had their photo done the meeting recommenced. She then came up to him later and asked why he didn’t come up for a photo. He then replied no because he didn’t want to take up anymore of her time and that he was much appreciative of what she had done.

Well she then said after the meeting here is my number and to give her a call. You know they ended up dating for a couple of years after that! Just because he was polite. He set himself apart from the crowd.

Now this may seem like an extreme example. Not many of us will ever sit in a restaurant with some celebrity and be given a phone number to call them after. But you know I have noticed that by being polite to others , showing respect , and having good manners especially in today’s world will get you far because it is becoming less common. It will get you the day off when you deserve it , the job ahead of the other person , people to help you when you didn’t ask for it and the list goes on.

People will remember you a lot longer for how you act than who you are.



  1. Really good post! I agree with you. Being polite helps more ways than one.

  2. The top two things I have taught my children is 1. Be Polite and 2. Don't Lie.Both will take them very far in life.

  3. Naseem…Welcome and thanks for the comment. Being polite like you say can lead to good things.

  4. SkippyMom…two very important things if you want to attract people and get far in life. Great advice!

  5. I agree with this! A smile or a thank you can really change someone's day. Being polite and having manners is so important. What's the point in being negative and treating people badly? There is already too much negativity in the world.

  6. BB…Absolutely. It beats being negative any day!

  7. This is a very inspirational post! Being polite is one thing that everyone should practice. If one practices this, he/she will go places.

  8. Small house…welcome and thank you for your comment.I agree if you are polite you have a greater chance of getting somewhere than if you are not.

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