The Worst Complaint I Ever Endured

Have you ever had a complaint that just kept coming back to haunt you?

On this particular cruise we were short staffed and so rather than have a front and back waiter or commonly referred to as the food runner some of us were required to take orders and run our own food all at the same time.

During the Captain’s welcome dinner I guess it must have been around 20-23 people I had in my section and as usual during this night of the cruise everyone would arrive at the same time. So my section got filled up and I took the orders all the while trying to get back to the kitchen to pick up food. The service was slow because of this with it being an extensive menu on the welcome dinner and many courses to be served.

Anyway I am serving some soup to this guest and she moved suddenly and some soup spilled on her dress. Well what a big fuss she made and it was like her best friend died. I profusely apologized and all she did was complain the entire night of the mishap. To everyone including the Maitre’d , Hotel Manager , Captain and anyone else who would listen.

Well what made this incredibly difficult was unlike a restaurant on land and they go home after , there was still 5 days left on the cruise and despite my efforts to try and make up for the spill all this person did was sit away from me each service and point at me for the rest of the cruise. After about Tuesday I all but gave up in trying to talk to this person.

Fortunately other passengers on the ship appreciated my service and felt this woman was taking it too far. But I was never so happy than to see her leave that Saturday morning.

It was like the movie Groundhog Day with this same woman everyday coming in and peering at me as she sat as far away from me as she could. At the time I was destined to become a Maitre’d but because of her incessant whining I had to wait. It wasn’t until the following year that I would become one.

Well I guess she got a free cruise out of it too……

Has anyone out there had a complaint they would like to add?


  1. That is WAY over the top! To get a free cruise for spilt soup? Ridiculous!My over the top complaints [2] that I can think of come from a retail job I had and a admin/CSR job – so they don’t apply.I always had the usual, but with no comps, from old people [sorry old people, but you whine] about food, service, the bill etc. when I waitressed. Nothing like that ever!I am still shaking my head – A FREE cruise? For a replaceable, if not cleanable, dress? Really? oh lordy….

  2. SkippyMom..she could have had whatever she wanted but it was the pain of seeing her breakfast lunch and dinner for 5 more days after that was hugely aggravating. Seniors can be a tad difficult as well I agree.

  3. I can't believe they actually gave her a cruise for free. I think people like this are so frustrating! They are they ones that go through life expected everything to be handed to then and because they bitch about it it ends up getting handed to them. It almost makes me think of karma in a way there has to be some reverse bad luck for haggy nags like this right??? I mean come on they should have just offered to dry clean her clothes and thats it. I hope that everyone in her party was embarrassed by her behavior because im already embarrassed for her and I don't even know her!!! what a tool!

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