Hey Karl Heinz You Remember That Complaint…..

This story happened on the ship and it was pretty funny the little joke we played on the chef Karl Heinz that night.

Karl Heinz had just done his first dinner service on the ship as chef and everything went great for him except for this one plate that came back because the passenger thought it wasn’t cooked up enough or didn’t like it. I cannot remember exactly the reason why but anyway Karl Heinz cooked up another dish and everything was okay after that.

Later on that night about 8 of us are in the Maitre’d cabin having some drinks and the hotel manager gives Andre the Maitre’d a call. Apparently someone had died and we need to empty the fridge where we kept our white wine chilled in the lower deck.

Andre thinks to himself for a minute then he says why don’t I wake up the chef who was sleeping next cabin over and get him jumping out of his bed. He picks up the phone and calls the next room over. Karl Heinz sorry to wake you up but someone has died on board just now and we have to clear the white wine fridge down in the lower deck. Karl Heinz replies with a why are you bothering me with this!

Andre goes , well do you remember the person who had a complaint about your food last service?

You could hear the sound of his tremoring voice through the wall and over the phone that second. It took Andre a couple of minutes to settle him down after that but I don’t think Karl Heinz had a sound sleep the rest of the night after that one.

Poor Karl Heinz who by the way did very well afterwards rising to Executive Chef for all the ships later on.



  1. I was going to work on a Cruise Ship, but I must admit the spectre of very long hours turned me off.It does appeal so much, to sail the seven seas….

  2. James…the hours are long but the small ships are better to work on.You would rather be young when starting out. I was getting on just starting out when I was 33.It was an unforgetable experience.

  3. LOL -That is JUST MEAN..giggle…but oh so funny.How ewww tho’ that you had to store a dead passenger in the wine cooler. ick. 😉 [realizing of course you had no other choice…but still]

  4. SkippyMom…while at sea you have to keep the body refigerated until you get to port.Clean the room out etc..The body stays fresher this way. It happens people die at sea. We had a lot of old passengers too on this cruise line. So you never know.

  5. yup as skippy mom says funny but wrong….chefs, pfft

  6. Manuel…you gotta do what you gotta do with a dead person at sea.

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