The Answers to Today’s Quiz

Okay here are the answers.

1. This liqueur goes by the name of Stag’s Breath.

2. Le Touche is the name of this liqueur.

3. Parfait Amour is the liqueur and translated means perfect love of course.

4. Tapa in Spanish means lid or cover. Very good Bulletholes and George!

5. Langue in French can mean both language or tongue in English.

I think the more I do this quiz it is becoming more of a language quiz than anything else. Hope you found it challenging enough and fun of course.


  1. oK, i need something to do…lets play Jeopardy! (weird music)For $100- Device used to get all the flavor out a Canard carcasse.For $200-Basketball term refering to a defensive style of play.For $300-A flavored liquid used for poaching, especially fish.For $400- Uncoined gold or silver in bars or ingotsAnd the Daily Double alex! (whoo-whoo)How much do Pirates pay for earings?oK…i’m through…

  2. Bulletholes…$200 defensive style of play is trap. $300 the liquid is water. The daily double is that the Pittsburgh Pirates? Hey Chef!

  3. Since when is water flavored? 😉

  4. SkippyMom…yeah you are right. Everyone is ganging up on me eh?

  5. ok….i SHOULDN’T TRY TO RUN YOUR SHOW….THE ANSWERS (IN MY OWN MIND) ARE:Duck press, Full Court Press,Court-Boullion, Bullion and Buccaneer.Buccaneer! Thats a gas!Skippymom-I used to work for a Chef that said”Steve, there is no Magic….we all start with just water.”

  6. Bulletholes…excellent stuff. I have heard of court boullion and full court press too. Hey you should start this on your blog these quizzes. Anyway! Hey Chef!

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