Myrtle Beach – South Carolina 1994

When I was a kid I had the chance to go with my parents on trips to Myrtle Beach , a favourite spot for all Canadians who hanker for a beach , lots of restaurants , and a nightlife to boot.

I always thought about the day I would be able to visit this great beach on my own without having to follow other people around and just be able to do my own thing. Well the opportunity happened after my second contract on the ship when one of the waiters I worked with had a condo in Myrtle Beach. We were leaving the ship at the same time so I got his address and phone number before I left and promised he would see me shortly banging on his door. It seemed like at least he was throwing out an invitation to come down and visit so I took his word.

I arrived and called him but it must have been bad timing cause he and his wife were having a bit of difficulty and having visitors was not a good time. Here it was in June and as you might expect the hotels and inns were booked pretty much everywhere. He drove me around to a few places and then luckily I landed a hotel room two blocks up from the beach and fully equipped.

With a VIP pass to a dance club he gave me and a goodbye , I commenced on a glorious 6 week vacation in Myrtle Beach.

My daily schedule went something like this for 6 weeks.

Wake up.
Grab the morning newspaper.
Have a coffee.
Go for a walk along the beach.
Have breakfast with a big thermos of coffee and eggs and bacon for $2.99
Get ready to go to the beach.
From about 11 to 4 swim and jump in the water and soak in the rays.
Head back to the hotel , change and head out for happy hour.
Hit a restaurant which there were plenty of.
Then hit the nightclub.

For 6 weeks that was all I did. Two things stand out for me that I remember was the World Cup of Soccer was going on in the States at the time and one time when I headed to Happy Hour OJ was making a run for it in his Bronco.

I haven’t been back since but maybe one day when the kids are a bit older I will take everyone down there to check it out so that they too when they are on their own will know a good spot to go in the sunny south to have some fun.


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