Should a Waiter Have The Right To Refuse To Wait On a Table?

The other night I had this table come and it was the second straight time I had to serve them. They are rude , oblivious to the fact that there are actually other people in the restaurant that have to be served as well , and when they order this one lady will order for the 11 of them. It is like serving 6 tables because every time you go there with something they want something else.

The other guests in your section watch you run around like crazy for them so really all they want to do is just get up and leave as soon as they have finished their main course. I think partly because they just feel bad seeing me run around for these people.

The woman even calls the managers bitches and they are constantly complaining. The food order never comes out right. Etc..etc…etc…

Now because the restaurant is not privately owned and is a chain restaurant we basically have to put up with this abuse whether we like them or not. They continue to come and complain and treat the servers and management like they own the place.

Now I almost lost it the other night with them and I swear if I have to serve them again I will really make the service so slow with them that they will really get upset. But that wouldn’t be professional. But what I would like to do with these people of Arabic descent is just start talking about where they come from and that I have been to places like Jordan , Dubai , Egypt , Muscat , Oman , Saudia Arabia. The guy , her husband who complains , every time he comes asks me how I like it here in Canada.

I am going to lose it if he ask me one more time. I think what I might do is ask him how he likes it here and that he should be lucky he is here but I cannot do that because that is sounding prejudiced.

So the next time they come in should I have the right to ask , if they are seated in my section , if I can take a pass and let someone else serve them?

Because if I have to serve them again I will really not make their meal very enjoyable and truthfully I have never felt this mean toward some people in a very long time. Places I have worked previously these people would not be even allowed through the door. Their manners are completely trash!

Any thoughts???


  1. Well, I know you read my post the other day, so I’m not going to get into it, but….Yes, people should have the right to refuse service to anyone, especially abusive repeats. In the US, there is a charge called ASSAULT that can be filed on abusive people. Granted, proving it is near impossible, but still….After my last experience, I have decided not to wait on certain people myself….so what I have been doing is A: Paying the hostess of, B: Finding another server to deal with it, or C: giving such poor service that they refuse to come back.Most companies will realize that if enough staff leaves due to a certain circumstance, they will try to fix the mitigating circumstance…e.g. remove the foul table. If corporate really wants to meddle into that affair, tell them that they would need to train new mgmt, etc if they continue to force you to wait on this table.Personally, I like the ideal of bashing knee caps, but that is illegal :)Good luck with this…

  2. I definitely think they should have the right, but as you allude to, private is so much different than corporate. I know that I would not have the right to refuse service to a table I didn’t want to wait on. In the past I have asked friends to pick up tables, or swap tables which essentially is the same thing as refusing a table.

  3. How to get your food spit in…Welcome. Yes I have thought of passing the table to someone else the next time but everyone has had the same difficulty with them so I guess if I have to I will serve them again. It is almost expected the end result.Perhaps I can be the first to please 100%.

  4. Dietrich…it is almost expected that when they come in they will complain about something. If they sit in any section the waiter has to pay the price and everyone knows them so you cannot easily pass the table off. So the next time I am just not going to run around for them as much. I am getting stressed out for nothing. If I am lucky I will not have to serve them for a few months. I am hoping so…

  5. What… you mean you don't please everyone ALL the time???!?!?! :>

  6. Mike…well put. As I sort of look back on this experience I remember on the ship I spilled a bit of soup on this woman’s dress and for 6 days after she avoided me like the plague , breakfast lunch and dinner.That was the worst of all time.That was 15 years ago. I don’t make too many mistakes.Ha

  7. I’ll never forget my first day of work as a server (about 10 years ago). I spilled soup on a child at a table. In my defense, the child grabbed my arm but I should know better than to even put myself in that situation. Thankfully the soup was luke warm (a real statement about the place I worked at). I’ll never forget that moment and, thankfully, it hasn’t happened since.

  8. Mike…Come to think of it I spelt warm Lobster butter over someone a few months ago.We promoed the meal.Now it is all coming out eh..Accidents happen.The problem is when we make them we cannot redo them over. The damage is done.Close to 30 years though maybe a few times something has happened but hey not much. The thing with these people is it has really nothing to do with the service itself but what they order and what they really want.Also their rudeness.Oh well…..Thank you for dropping by and commenting.

  9. As a phone sex worker, I provide a different kind of customer service:) and I absolutely reserve the right to refuse a caller. Now I’ll give almost anyone a fair shot, but if a caller gets abusive with me, I tell him that he’ll get what he gives. I’d be happy to treat him as badly as he treats me while his credit card runs. Even with that, there are some men, and some fantasies, that I just won’t tolerate and the woman who owns our service recognizes that if a service worker is truly unwilling to wait on a client, there is no way that client is going to get excellent service.

  10. Miss Tara…you must get some weird callers for sure. Thanks for dropping by and welcome.

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