Monthly Archives: December 2008


Nebbiolo is one of those grapes that does well in one part of the world and that is about it. In California and Australia they are trying to introduce the grape but neither match where it’s home is in a corner of northwest Italy in an area known as Piedmont. Flanking the town of Alba […]

Myrtle Beach – South Carolina 1994

When I was a kid I had the chance to go with my parents on trips to Myrtle Beach , a favourite spot for all Canadians who hanker for a beach , lots of restaurants , and a nightlife to boot. I always thought about the day I would be able to visit this great […]


Gin has an interesting history that not a lot of people know about , and because there is not a slew of cocktails you can make from it other than your martinis , pink lady , and having it with tonic I thought perhaps a discussion on how gin got started and the different types […]

A Valuable Lesson Learned

So on we go continuing to move up the ladder of the bartending trade when I left you last Monday working at a fine spot as a Head Bartender called the Credit Valley Golf Club where I was hired by the Food and Beverage Manager who was the husband of someone with whom I worked […]

So Where Does All The Money Go?

This month has been different to say the least and I am actually enjoying it. You see I only work evenings and no lunches. Now you may think I am losing money on the deal and I have to admit I am but the one big thing that is different is I get a chance […]

I Am Gone On My Day Off

Last Saturday was rather busy and I noticed that a waiter had come in to dine on their day off. I have always praticed not to go anywhere near where I work during my days off. Always been like that especially when I started bartending. Never fraternize with your guests , besides hasn’t anyone got […]


When you think of Rioja wines from Spain this grape variety comes to mind right away. It is the major grape variety in Rioja wines blended with Grenacha ( Grenache ) , Mazuelo , and Graciano. The latter being the most important because it makes the Rioja long lived , aromatic , and a delicate […]