Beginning Next Week

Just some news on the blog.

I am going start a one day a week blog on grape varieties beginning next Thursday the 20th and continue indefinitely each week on that day. The first day will be on Pinot Noir. I don’t want to make it long and boring but rather talk about the grape characteristics , where it’s found in the world , and a couple of food pairings with it.

Next Tuesday there will be a drink recipe. This will be more of a fun thing of course as there are millions of recipes out there that everyone has a different version of but hopefully someone will glean some useful information from this post each week. I will try to get to the bottom of where the drink first originated which will add some adventure to the recipe.

On Wednesdays I am going just to talk about some of the places I have been and where I have worked in the past. I might even talk about where I traveled before I worked in the hospitality profession. All this provides is a chance for me to babble a bit about what I did and I will try to make it truthful of course. Even we were in port for only 2 hours and had a coffee that is all I will mention. I am not going to shoot anyone any bull.

Then on another day I will talk about places I have worked in the business. Probably that will be on a Monday , yes we will make it Monday. The list is extensive so that should last quite a long time.

The rest of the days just about things that are happening at work or if something happens that is exciting at home I will mention that.

So beginning next week November 17th.

Monday – places I have worked.
Tuesday – drink recipe
Wednesday – travel day
Thurday – all about wine
Friday – open
Saturday – open
Sunday – open or maybe I will take that day off , not sure yet.

I mentioned a couple of blogs ago that I was going on tv this coming Friday but it has been changed to an undetermined future date. Apparently the tv spot was only going to be used for diabetes. I didn’t know that until after the post. Meanwhile I am working on something else concerning tv so I will keep you posted on that.

That is all for today. I will post again as normal the rest of the week but next week looking forward to something new on the blog.


  1. careful now with setting schedules……they are harder to maintain than you’d think but that said I’m looking forward to it….especially the drinks mixing….

  2. Manuel…it will keep me on track.I know what you mean though.

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