Education is the Key

In North America , waiting on tables or serving drinks is not considered a skill by most people.

Unlike Europe , our society views it as something that someone does so that they can make some extra cash so they can do something else , or they might not have had the education to do anything else so they got stuck working in a restaurant or bar to make ends meet.

Unfortunately most service personnel believe this and never take this profession as seriously as they should. They are always looking for something else , not giving this industry a chance. I know when I started to take a Bartending course I immediately liked it and it was my way of making income. I did not think at the time of what else I wanted to do , just that I wanted to do this.

Now I know there are some bartenders and waiters who are going through school and just bartending for some cash and for that this industry is great. They are all having a good time too.

While the others who have no immediate plans for their future go into work enjoying for the most part what they do , after a while it gets somewhat tedious. Perhaps dealing with the regulars all the time gets tiresome , or the managers change and with that everything else which makes one want to look for another job. It seems like a waiter / bartender is always dealing with uncertainty. Burnout is common.

If this is you I would like to suggest something. Educate yourself so you can have more choices in the Hospitality Industry. I know after about 5 years bartending I became a little tired of doing it and wanted to learn more so I started to wait on tables. While doing this I took a Hotel Management Course to learn more which enabled me to move up into management later. As well a few years later I took a Cordon Bleu course to learn Pastry then later a Sommelier course with the International Sommelier Guild to receive my Sommelier Diploma.

In retrospect , knowing me I would not have lasted at all in the Hospitality Business if I just stayed as a waiter or bartender. I was hungry to learn more and travel and do all sorts of things.

Learning more kept things interesting for me throughout time. Now I wait on tables because I do not work too many hours so I spend some time with my kids and wife. But while I was single I wanted to travel in a big way. If I didn’t take courses I probably would not have gone anywhere or worked in some real neat places.

With education I could now work where I wanted and not where I had to. Some of the places I worked were; in Montreux Switzerland and in Victoria B.C.

Pretty nice spots I would say.

So the purpose of this blog is to tell you not to stop where you are but to forge ahead by learning more. Use more education to open more doors for you so you can live a life of great memories to tell your kids and grandkids. Now you are a waiter or bartender , now what ? What’s next for you?

You only live once I say….

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