Be Happy With What You Have

Well now I am off for three in a row. Just as well as in the next three days there is a lot to do and with members of the family coming down with the stomach flu that adds in a bit extra.

Last night was a slow one. Had only 5 tables and left with $74 but next week back up to 5 shifts so that is good plus if I get 10 people by Monday the bartending course will be a go too. It has to be 10 at least since some government funding that became available for certain courses included mine. Which raised my hourly wage from $28 to a whopping $46! Now that I will take no problem.

I am looking forward to this year already shaping up. A trip to Iceland this summer for a couple of weeks in July and maybe another week to go somewhere in August. This past year we purchased all new appliances so no breakdowns are forseen to happen this year and the van is under warranty.

In the Fall when the younger one goes to school full time I may seek out a lunch position at a sister restaurant where I work now so we can make more cash. My wife can cut back to two mornings a week and volunteer at the school. I am thinking 4 lunches and 4 evenings a week.

I want to pay down the mortage quicker on the house too so by the time I am 65 it will be paid off.

Another waiter and I were talking last night about happiness. I was watching this PBS documentary on happiness the other day which I alluded to during our discussion.

We agreed that the reason why a lot of people are not happy out there is they are never happy with what they have , only unhappy with what they do not have. Hey there is always someone worse off. So no matter what kind of situation you are in right now start by being happy with what you have.

It is always a good start…



  1. Completely agree. Sometimes all I have to think about are mine and Pooldad's first spouses and well…we have it a heck of a lot better. Congrats on the pay raise on the course. I hope you can fill the spaces [Anyway I can take it via the 'net from the US? I will happily sign up ;)]

  2. Soo true that people are unhappy with what they do not have as opposed to happy with what they do have. Some wise words that definitely hit home with me. Thanks for brightening my day mate!

  3. SkippyMom…that would be cool to do it over the net but not the case. Very kind of you to want to help out. Sometimes I just find it hard to write about work all the time so try to inject some personal thoughts into a post.

  4. Waitersfriend…it is not rocket science is it? Happy to brighten your day. Obviously you experience life the same as I do.

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