Back To Normal

When I pulled up to the restaurant tonight being the closer I thought there would be a few more cars in the parking lot than there were. There were hardly any and if you take away the cars owned by staff that would leave about 6 belonging to the guests.

It was a good 40 minutes before I was seated. It is a rare occasion when I get any business people at all to serve so I was hoping the 5 top of guys would be good tippers. That was my first table so I did my job and tried to upsell them and did. Their bill came to $321 so I figure with the food being excellent and the service good I am looking at maybe a $50 tip.

I also was hoping the guy from Florida would pay as well but much to my chagrin the Canadian paid and the cheapskate left me $30. Give me a break. Acted like a big shot and ordered the wine for the others but wouldn’t have a drink himself. Tried to impress his American friend with some Canadian wine. Some big shot! Wooooooo….. Tell me how can you impress someone with something if you wouldn’t try it yourself. He drank beer.

Another table I had that came in later was an older couple. They ordered the steak dinner that came with the salad , had a dessert and their bill came to $72. Gave me 2 $50 bills and I came back with the change. Two tens , a five , and couple of ones and they give me the five and thanked me so much for the dinner. Thanks but how in the heck am I going to feed my family with that!

The last table gave me a $5 bill on about the same amount. So to summarize those last two tables I basically just covered my tip out and kept a couple of dollars.

Well I guess that is the way it will be M-T for the forseeable future. Weekends and Valentines Day are what counts now.

It was a bit of a wasteland tonight. Walked out with $60. Hmmpphhh………

What a waste of time!

On Thursday going to post about my best time waitering and start with places I worked which were the best. Going to do my top five jobs going down from 5 to 1. Should be fun so stay tuned.



  1. The funny thing is, my experience is just the opposite: I do better with weekday diners, and the weekends are turn and burn amateur nights. But that's a crappy night, sorry you had to have that. What's the difference between a Canadian and a canoe?

  2. Vandervecken…Haha a canoe tips! Usually the weekdays are better where i have worked before but in this place I have to depend on numbers. Not so much during the weekdays. A lot on the weekends.

  3. Oh my Lord. We have made jokes for years about Canadians and tipping/not tipping and, as I work in a very tourism driven area, we get our share.But to actually WORK in Canada where (duh) all you get are Canadians? All in all though, it sounds like you like your job well enough despite.My philosophy has always been that for every schmuck that tells you everything "was just lovely," as they press $2 into your palm after you put up with their bitchy Mother In Law who can't eat Nightshade vegetables, there is someone coming in real soon who will just throw money at you for no good reason. If my W-2 has a good number at the end of the year, that's all that matters. Just serve, the money will always come.Just like basketball. Don't celebrate the 3-pointers too much and you won't be as disappointed when you chuck the occasional air-balls.Like the blog a lot. I'm on board with the links.

  4. Nativenapkin…good advice! Welcome and glad you like visiting the blog.

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