When Does Your Christmas Business Begin?

I had 4 tables last night and could have finished as a closer in the restaurant at 9:15 but it was obligatory that I remain in the restaurant on the chance that someone may actually pass up the bar and want to eat in the dining room.

Wow was it slow. I made a whopping $62. Seems like people are dining out on the weekends and that is about it until the Christmas rush. Also , it seems to be starting later and later as the years go by. It is like the two weeks before Christmas now compared to revving up the third week of November and full speed ahead from there as it used to be.

When do you expect your Christmas rush to commence this year? Much like mine or beginning in November?



  1. I hope yours starts sooner than later Waiter. Seems the economy may be picking up a bit, so fingers crossed.Wish I lived by you – you know we would come in and tip 😀

  2. SkippyMom…I know you would for sure. You all would be great to see!

  3. I know how you feel…I really hope that it is soon!! My guess is not till the middle of November…

  4. Caitlyn..I agree with you. Mid-November sounds right. Thank you for commenting.

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