Feeling A Wee Bit Hungover Are We?

Tonight at work a few of the waiters were coming back after having a couple of days of partying up North doing things like skiing and snowboarding and that favourite past time everyone can partake in and that is drinking.

Of course I wouldn’t be doing such a thing as I am past that and besides I have other pertinent things to take care of like raising a family. But I couldn’t help but think back in the day when I use to drink myself so that my senses were so awash with alcohol that I could barely lift a glass to my mouth or walk down the hallway without bouncing side to side off the walls and making it to my bed lunging face down.

I speak of the ship of course when over the entire length of a 6 month contract every afternoon and night I would consume some alcohol. Sometimes not much and other times too much.

But every morning I would answer that alarm at 6:15Am for another day of service no matter how late it was the night before or how much I drank. Then in the afternoon depending on where we were we would go out for food and drink then hurry back to get a half hour sleep before getting ready for dinner service.

I was wondering tonight if the people who were there could work day in and day out like that and still be effective in their job. Grant all I had to do was worry about serving tables.

You know what is really tough? Working on rough seas after a bit of partying. That was really hard on the body.

What about you? Now we may do it anymore or not as much but where is the place you have worked in the business where you partied the most?


  1. I worked at a lovely, family owned restaurant with a reallllly nice bar area. And the bartender was a good friend of mine. However we had the creeepiest manager and he always made the bartender and I last closers [as in no one else around at close except the chef] and it was because he liked to drink with us.Well, we also liked to take advantage of this and he would let us pour all the top shelf stuff. I only did this [I think] three times because the last time, as he was giving me a ride home I managed to become quite ill in my future husband's coat.Never did it again – ever. I never wanted hangovers like those three times. I still shudder.And you know the sad thing Waiter? I saw my bartender friend years later at another restaurant [I was home with the kids by then] and she looked so beaten down. And then a few short years later we attended her funereal – she had died of alcoholism. Sad. She was such a nice woman and so beautiful and vibrant when we worked together.Okay – stepping off memory lane now.

  2. SkippyMom…what a story and a sad ending for a friend. That is the thing about this business is the partying has got to stop somewhere or you end up like your friend did.Alcohol is so easy to come by.

  3. I am past the age of partying all night and then going to work. When I was a teenager it was part of my weekly ritual. We had Thursday and Saturday party nights. I used to fall asleep in my car in the parking lot of the restaurant I worked in for a couple of hours only to go inside and work an eight hour shift. I have no idea how I pulled it off. These days I wouldn't even consider it. But during my 'weekends' I've probably drank more here in the last year than I have since I was twenty-one. A mixture of being without any kind of familial responsibilities and working with people who are single and free and willing to have a good time. I do tend to pass a lot recently though. Preferring a bottle of wine and a movie at a friends house to the loud bar beer and shots crowd.

  4. I never do that anymore — I decided a long time ago I hate being hungover far more than I like being drunk. But I worked in one place that had its own brewery — and it was employee open bar every night from the time you were cut until the bossman finished his paperwork [and maybe had a few with us]. The bartender would save empty wine bottles, which we would fill up and take to the sushi joint next door, watch Iron Chef with their cooks, drink sake and eat sushi leftovers. Sake is evil. It seems so harmless when you're drinking it. Those were some good nights. The mornings? Not so much!

  5. Waitress Diary…we grow out of the beer and late nights sometime. Wondering where you got to. You changed your blog name i think and I was getting your updates. I will change it so I do.Thought you stopped blogging…

  6. vandervecken…sake would be some hangover. Tried a couple of sips at the sommelier course and it is different. No I can't or want to do it anymore. A beer or a glass of wine is enough. Don't want to be tired.

  7. I'm still here but yeah I changed the name of the blog to not be so similar to another one.

  8. Waitress Diary…okay that makes sense.

  9. The best cure for a hangover is working the line: the grill, the convection oven, the flat top. Sweat it out 🙂 That's where I'd put my cook staff when they showed up in that state. The only recourse for servers seems to be they get fired and sent home. I've worked in restaurants where the bar was locked by gates until noon because of alcoholic breakfast servers. So no brunch service with mimosas.Drug use and drinking are rampant, amongst the younguns in this industry.

  10. Sous Gal…That sounds like a good remedy for a hangover. Cooks especially can really come in hungover cause they do not have to show their faces to the public. I couldn't do it. Worked in places with a lot of hungover cooks that is for sure. Out west.lol

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