An Opportunity Worth Checking Out

Just came across an ad for an Operations Manager for a new dining room at the main campus of the College with whom I already teach bartending. It is a two year contract , probably has some benefits to go along with it and paid holidays perhaps.

I like what I am doing but since I am teaching with the college already I may just submit my resume anyway to make myself a little more known to the higher ups. It will not hurt and the worst that could happen is they may have something else that might be better suited for me in the future.

Waitering where I am could be a thing of the past and maybe I can continue a couple nights a week teaching the bartending course.

Before I do anything like send my resume in though I should let the people I work directly with of my intentions. Perhaps with the positive results I have been getting with the bartending course they may fast track me to the interview process or on the other hand they may be put out with my plan on applying for the Operations Manager. The pay goes from $24 to $30 an hour which I am not sure what that means entirely. But it beats having to depend on the tip and work at $7.60 an hour. Another attractive tidbit of information is it mentions it is a 37.5 hour work week. That would be nice for a position like that in comparison to a 50-60 hour work week that so many work at in the profession. Also it is a two year contract which I like. Long enough to really get my foot in the door in a college full time and it should open more opportunity later.

Worth checking out , don’t you think???????



  1. Absolutely! Like you say, let your present people know you might consider, and put yourself out there 🙂

  2. Sous Gal…no harm in trying is there. I will let them know before like you say.

  3. Steven, you gotta do it… sounds like something you are qualified for… and that sort of 2 year stability is what a family man needs. Good luck… by the way I viewed your vids on you tube… very nice!Eat well. Drink well.mTw

  4. Mike…problem is waiting on tables is too easy and I have a lot for free time. I may be qualified for it but the money waitering is better. It is cash. I am better able to support the family if you know what I mean.I may still try. It is a commute too for us and that may pose a problem being a one car family.

  5. Go with the gut my friend. I personally find that in our profession our sixth sense is better than spider mans.I myself am avoiding something permanent to really aim for the stars, but have the luxury of not having a family to support.Sounds good though – I know what you mean regarding waiting on tables. Sometimes the lack of a real challenge can lead to a desire for stimulation.

  6. know after giving it some thought the commute would be tough and throw in a few meetings and a one car family and well I am better at sticking where I am. I am not doing bad but you are right sometimes the thought of a challenge sneaks in once in a while.

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