The Numbers Are In

It has come to my attention that for the first time that I can remember where I work is busy all the time. After New Year’s Eve there is usually a lull in most places even in good economic times during the first week of January.

Well last night we did close to 700 covers and on Friday did over 600 covers. The GM mentioned last night we are way ahead in revenue during this period and tonight which looks just as busy is just gravy on top. How about that!

There are many restaurants doing nothing right now locally.

On a personal note I am really looking forward to 2009. With my bartending course gaining popularity and a busy restaurant to work in I couldn’t be happier.

Last year my wife who works 24 hours a week and I who work about 18 hours a week both as waiters cleared $56,000 Canadian last year with both our hourly wage and tips. She works 4 mornings breakfast and I four nights dinner. About $1600 of that was from teaching which I plan on doing more of. A wine course is in the works as well either through the school or perhaps I will start one up myself as there is a huge interest out there.

As long as we can keep this up and all remain in good health who knows how far we can go this year.

I am right fired up for more!!!!


  1. nice numbers Steve……our xmas numbers are down but my tips were about the same for the year…..that said they had been going up year on year for the last five years so maybe a little disappointing…..

  2. I am very surprised to read this honestly. Business in (upstate) NY is so down it’s scary. No one is going out to eat. Good for you guys.

  3. Seems like here people just go out and eat no matter what although I think I work in a unique spot. Tonight ( Sunday ) we did about 400or so.I did 37 covers myself , 50 last night. But this corportate company I work for has a marketing plan second to none I have to admit. During the hockey games it has a commercial going. Big bucks advertising they spend.

  4. Manuel….not bad though considering Xmas numbers were down and you made the same $$ tips.With the economy the way it was it might go up again next year. I think fine dining might have taken more of a hit than usual. Where I used to work it was not as busy but they still made great money because of one less waiter.That being me I guess.A lot of hours though.

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