Quiz Answers Second Instalment

Well I hope you are having some fun as I am doing this. Here are the answers.

1. Grappa is to Italy what Marc is to France. Therefore Marc is the answer.

2. The customary way in which the French drink Marc is to dip a sugar cube in the Marc and suck the spirit out. If anyone has every tried Grappa or Marc you would know the reason why a little sugar would help in drinking this.

3. Pisco is the name of the brandy native to Chile and Peru. Ever heard of that drink the Pisco Sour?

4. Pineau des Charentes comes from the cognac region that is 3 to 1 wine to cognac. Not one of my favourites and not really popular over here on this side of the Atlantic.

5. Creme de myrtilles is the flavour of bilberry.

How did you do???



  1. I got Zero right, but I still knocked the shit out of it.

  2. Oh, Bilberry? never heard of it but I got a question for you….How do you make Pickle Bread?(answer tomorrow)

  3. Bulletholes…Pickle bread ??? Interesting..I have never heard of that one. Is that something to do with salt or vinegar??? I have no idea.

  4. Bulletholes..it is not easy the quiz that is for sure.

  5. Ok WAITER…YOU READY?To make pickle bread you start out with a good Dill Dough…(the audience groans)

  6. Bulletholes…Ahhhh I should have thought out of the box for that one. Nice…

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