How the Handover of My Station Works

You know in most places the supervisor will tell you that you are cut and not taking any more tables and someone else will take over your section.

Well in this spot I am working you sort of cut yourself. If you don’t no one will. What happens is the lunch through evening staff comes in and when you are ready to take your last table which usually is about 40 minutes before punch out time you just tell the next person.

They are ready to oblige and take over. That is it. So if my shift is 6:30 to 3:00 I take my last table about 2:15 and when they are done eating about a half hour later I do my cash out and clock out about 3ish or shortly thereafter. Sidejobs that I have are just done continuously throughout the morning. There is no stopping.

The supervisors all they want to know is your section is being handed over. That is it. I guess that is because we are on 8 hour shifts and they really do not want you to work longer cause that is overtime.

It is different but good. Sometimes if it gets really busy you may have to take another table and stay a bit past 3 but most of the time there is plenty of people around itching to take over from you.

Everybody wants to make money so when the later people come in they are ready to go. I like that.


  1. Sounds like a sweet system to me.

  2. SkippyMom…it is for sure.

  3. Steven how about the waiter's tip? Here in Brazil waiter receives 10% I don't know how is it work abroad. Carlos.

  4. Tour Guide…..generally it should be about 15%.

  5. that system seems wack! as long as server's arent abusing it and it works out it seems awesome though. If your interested check out my new serving blog @

  6. filetonthefly….thanks for stopping by and will check out your blog. Yeah it works. It is different that is for sure.

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