You Gotta Know When to Hold’em and Know When to Fold’em

What I do know about working at the Airport that I didn’t know before are the following…..

I know that what is said or not said during an interview is not always the truth.

The truth about working at the airport is I was never told about restaurant rotation every 6 months and where you ended up was based on seniority not on merit.

That my personal life such as teaching bartending would not come in conflict with the job. In other words you should be able to get that one night off no problem. Well I have been up to now been lucky but as soon as it is over someone wants to take my Monday night. Unfortunate , cause my son plays soccer that night too.

You will be out by nine o’clock. That was a biggie and when I heard this I thought that would be wonderful but the truth is that by the time I exit the parking lot it is close to 11:30. Add an hour getting home and it feels like a graveyard shift.

Oh and the last one is the waiters are making scads of money. Well the truth is the last two nights I have walked out with $113 and $114 dollars consecutively. Now they have hired summer help and there is more people on the floor with smaller sections. So no money. Heck that amount is after 8 hours too.

I thought the way things worked and the quick turns I could walk out with $300.

On top of that my expenses have risen because of working at the airport.

Due to travel gas expense in our house has risen to $500 a month.
Off my paycheque I am paying $92 a month to park , $44 to union dues. So the extra hours I am working that I didn’t work before are pretty much negated by these 3 expenses.

In a nutshell I am no further ahead and on top of that there is no flexibility at all in their scheduling. I will miss any family events all summer unless they fall mid-week and how likely is that.

So rather than be unhappy I contacted my former employer and they are happy to have me back. In fact I am over the moon about it! When the newly renovated restaurant reopens I am there in July. I can hardly wait and I will be ready to rock!

One more month of airport and then a week vacation to recoup and hit the beach then back to normal life.

A lot of people may be surprised when I do give my notice on the 17th but this is a place where the longer you stay two things will happen.

1. The place changes people. They become use to being shifted like a pack of animals. Finally they don’t give a hoot about the place or other people.

2. I believe the longer someone stays there the harder it is to find work elsewhere. On your resume it might read I sold hamburgers and upsold to cheese , bacon , and mushrooms and do you want gravy with those fries??

I made a joke the other day saying now that I work here my next step is McDonalds.

Okay I tried it and I will say if I was making $300 a night like I thought I would I might have stuck it out. To put up with it I would have to do at least that. Working all those hours and teaching on top of it I am just breaking even right now. There is nothing left. My wife will grab something part time to make the difference. She is happy to get back out to work a bit.

But no can do here at the airport and I am happy to be heading back to where I enjoyed working and the positive atmosphere.

You gotta know when to hold’em and know when to fold’em before it is too late.


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  2. Sorry it didn't work out as you hoped Steve. At least you do have somewhere to go back to and regain a sense of normalcy and security.Take care.

  3. freelancefortunes…Ok

  4. SkippyMom…thanks but I am happy really. I checked it out and it was not what it was cracked up to be. Sorry I would be if I stayed and did not go back. It got us through a difficult time.

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