A Mistake Earned Me $9.00 More From a Cheap Table

Some nights ago we changed our menu and with it the prices went up as well. Since the New Year began it has been the gift cards floating around out there that has helped keep the place busy until Valentine’s Day anyway.

Last Saturday I get this real cheap table. I know they are cheap because they wanted all sorts of substitutions and after their main course asked how much the bill had reached. It was just over $83. So I guess they figured out they could get a couple of desserts and just squeeze in under the amount they had on the gift card leaving me with small change at the most.

They consume their desserts and ask for the bill. The amount totalled $96. I figure they have a $100 gift card and keep the change is what will follow.

The lady calls me over and says how come the kid’s ribs are $12.95 on the tab but $11.95 on the kid’s menu? I check it out and alert the manager. We haven’t replaced the old kids menu with the new one yet. The bill gets discounted about $9.00 to correct the error and we apologize for the oversight.

So now the bill is down to around $86 and change. She hands me the $100 gift card and says keep the rest. I guess they figured they were full and were not going to order another dessert with the credit so what was going to turn out to be a small tip got bigger because of the menu oversight.

It wasn’t alert on our behalf to overlook changing the kid’s menu but I had to chuckle to myself when it actually worked out in my favour.



  1. Gotta love it when that happens – had a similar experience a couple weeks ago. I had a really nice older couple in my section, but when i brought the cheque, the lady mentioned that although her New York was wonderful, she hated the veg that accompanied it (this was the pre-menu change veg), so I apologized and mentioned that we were actually about to change it, because, well, pretty much everyone else agrees that it's s**t. She just laughed, so since I was feeling generous (and maybe a little bored with my lack of other tables!) I got their 9oz wines taken care of, which took their $95 bill to maybe $75. Brought them their discounted bill, but they were already getting up to leave and had left cash on the table. I mentioned that we had taken care of their drinks, so they thanked me, but didn't touch the cash they had left anyway… score! Ended up being $120 on $75… nice. Sometimes QSA's actually work out for us in the end!

  2. Miss G….sweet! I know exactly what you mean.lol

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