I Did Everything I Could Do To Walk Out With $70 Last Night

I upsold on the size of steak. I upsold to and sold again our big 9 oz glass of wine. I asked if people wanted a salad to go along with that and sold some of those. I made sure as many people drank coffee and ordered dessert as possible. I got some add-ons to what they already ordered to push higher the bill.

The only problem was I only had 4 tables the whole evening………



  1. The four tables part does suck [grrr at the economy] but $70 on 4 tables is pretty nice, right? $17.50 per table is great – just would've been nice if it had been 10 tables instead.Sorry Waiter.

  2. Freaking slow nights. Been having them too.

  3. Purplegirl…just have to go with the flow and keep expenses down till the money kicks back in December. I am not going in debt for Christmas.

  4. I had a buddy from your company in Calgary….he came down one summer to work with us and he was my roomate. He never left with less than 100 dollars. He had some way of cheating, using overings and stuff to make money.Man, that guy looked like Sasquatch!He had ice blue eyes and hair all over him! Every night we would go to a bar and he would drink 10 'White Rum and Tonics"…then we would go home and we would start drinking his bottle of "white bacari". We went drinking every night, and he would come home and hit his bottle and the bottle would only last 2 days. Then he would go get another, all the while starting his eveniong out in a bar.Never known a human could drink that way.Anyway, Waiter, I hope you never drink that way, or have to cheat the register!

  5. Bulletholes..I never will and you can count on that!

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