Don’t You Hate To Hear This!

Three ladies come in the other night and upon greeting them and getting their drinks asked if they were ready to order.

One pipes up , “We haven’t even looked yet , we will be here all night as we haven’t seen one another in over a year.” Needless to say I was cut at 8:25 and they didn’t pay their bill till two hours later , then to prolong the agony sat there even longer afterwards.

If you want to socialize and chat do it at someone’s house or the donut shop. It is difficult to be nice when people just take up all your precious money making time holding up your table and pretty much putting your section out the window for the night.

I don’t like to hear those words , we will be here all night. Blah!!!



  1. If I am going to sit at someone's table and take up their time I will be leaving a higher than normal tip. I don't have specific rules, but if I were to sit at a table twice as long as necessary, 40% instead of 20% would definitely seem appropriate to me, especially if it is during a busy time. At the restaurant I worked at, we were open pretty late and so sometimes we had campers who would stay a couple hours. Those didn't bother so much because at that point we were usually on rotation rather than in sections, so they weren't explicitly keeping me from getting another table.

  2. Well, better to be prepared for it by having them tell you up front, I suppose, rather than just having them sit and sit and sit and sit…Also, it's a little unrealistic to deny the social aspect of dining out. If you remove that element, then dining just becomes a "feed your face" sort of event, and then the waiter becomes somewhat irrelevant. The social part of dining out is very important to the creation of a dining experience that people are paying for. Without it, we would see a drop in numbers as people actually "entertain" at home while ignoring the restaurant. So it's sort of a "double-edged sword. Accepting the social part of it, and the occasional downside is just part of the game.I understand the point though. It can be frustrating to be kept standing around while people chat and chat and chat and chat…It's especially frustrating as well when the restaurant is busy. It shows a lack of consideration for their fellow diners as well as for the waiter. But, once again, that's part of the game, I suppose.Sorry that you were stung by this. I know how frustrating it can be.

  3. When I hear that I immediately ask the closing server to trade tables with me.

  4. Yeah, it sucks. In some restaurants when server stations are only four to six tables you really depend on the 'turn' to make money. Tables don't turn in the three maybe four hour window you have during dinner it pretty much goes out the window.

  5. Confessions of a Waitress…yes it does and I guess the fact it happened the night before too when a bunch of ladies sat for quite a while. That is the way it goes sometimes.

  6. LW…yep that is what I should have done. Right away. Next time…

  7. Teleburst….nothing we can do about it. I guess it was good in a way so I was prepared for it but I was still hoping they might leave quicker. I like better to hang around for parties of 6 or more then the bill adds up and the grat is worth it. This wasn't so much.

  8. Caleb…a $30 tip on a $180 bill. I guess it wasn't bad but for 3 hours it doesn't seem worthwhile.LW is right I should have moved down and taken someone else's later finish.

  9. Really, I would feel awkward sitting in a restaurant after I was done eating for very long. If they wanted that social aspect they probably should have picked a bar and grill.. seems like a more appropriate atmosphere.

  10. BB…I agree like a pub or something like that. Oh well.

  11. I'm with LW, I give those bitches away. šŸ™‚ They're so rarely worth the wait anyway!

  12. Purplegirl..I should have done that or moved down and closed that night. Rarely worth the wait I agree.

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