What I Like About Where I Work That is Different

For most of my waiting days I have been a part of a small team. In fact sometimes where I have worked I have been the only guy working on the floor so I had to be there no matter what. Other times someone may have called in sick and I was the only other guy that could come in and replace that person on a short notice.

Well yesterday we were getting our windows replaced and workers were everywhere and the place was cold. The phone rings at 2PM and it is work. I let it ring and have a discussion with the wife about going in last night. I think I could make some extra money so I decide to call back I guess it was about 30 minutes later.

They already found someone to cover the shift. No I wasn’t disappointed but I did feel an obligation to call back to see if they still needed someone. I would have come into work.

That is what I like. They found someone else to cover the shift. I guess that is the advantage of having many employees who work part time as opposed to full time. I didn’t mind cause I will be starting tomorrow night on 6 in a row.

What about where you work? When they need someone does the buck stop with you and pretty much you have to go in no matter what or is there enough people on the payroll so that someone who wants to go in will cover the shift , taking the onus off you?



  1. My place runs a one server floor at all times, so calling in sick is a no-no. You pretty much have to cover your shift or come in. That being said, I am the only one who does cover shifts when needed. Most of the time this means working with a two hour notice several times a month. I would love the option to say no, but with the way we are set up it's not as possible as I would like.

  2. LW…if you got a family it is tougher just to drop everything at the last minute to get into work. Sometimes a person has gotta say no or they will expect you always to come in.Of course if you are making a huge salary that might be part of the deal. But working for tips I don't think so. But then that's me.

  3. We are all part timers. Many of the people who started here were in school and somewhere along the way people graduated and stayed in town, or couldn't finance school and dropped out, or drank themselves into a stupor and this is the only place that will deal with them. That said, we have a lot of people working for us who have all day everyday available to work, but are only scheduled a couple of times at work. So when we have someone call in sick it's like a shark to blood.. especially weekend shifts.

  4. BB…I think that is the way to go and if you need to pick up a shift there is always someone who will want one off or like you say grab a weekend shift if you want a day off for other things. Nice.

  5. Kind of half and half at my place. We have a lot of servers, but we all have crazy schedules and availability, so it just sort of depends on the night how many options there are.

  6. Purplegirl…I think I am lucky in a way cause my place only does dinner which makes it easier.

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