Here Are 3 Interesting Questions To Think About

Here is some thoughts for you to ponder while trying to answer these questions.

1. When you started working in the Hospitality Industry how long were you planning to work in it when you began?

2. If you are still in it , are you in it longer than you expected to be?

3. And if you are in it longer than you thought you might have planned for , when do you plan on exiting it or is it now your career choice?

I look forward to your responses!


  1. 1. A year or less.2. Hell yes, I'm going on ten years now.3. As soon as I finish school, I'll be getting out. I may just go back to retail management, which is a different sort of hell; but at least I had an hourly salary there and didn't have to worry about food temperatures!

  2. I have had a mixed bag with hospitality my friend.I still invest time into my blog, but to be honest, my foray into sportswriting (which has proved successful) came into being about two years ago.One of the central reasons was because I had put up with a lot of nonsense in the industry.My passion for it is my own, but I can assure you alot of people were determined to make it a real **** of a time for me.Luckily, I rose beyond that, and I look at the industry for what it is, not what it can do to you.One day, I will use my knowledge and skills to instigate change in the industry, to eliminate the countless bad eggs and individuals with no respect for other people that ruin it for good people.

  3. Just realised I didn't really answer the question with my emotional rambling…..To answer you direct1) Just enjoyed it and became good at what I did, didn't really set a time line2) Am still in the industry, but technically not employed at an venue3) I invested 15 years of my life in the industry, so will always look to utilise my experience and skills in what ever I do.Probably wouldn't rush back into it as an "employee" as such.

  4. 1. I first started when I was 15. I washed dishes at the same place where I am now GM. Back then it was an after school job for me.2. I am in this longer than I thought I would be but that's okay. I was actually going to be a Paramedic before I began having trouble with my knees.3. This is my career choice. I think things happen for a reason and this is where I have ended up. I'm happy:)

  5. I think by the looks of it we last longer than we planned for.The business sort of hooks on you.

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