Here is a Tip

When doing a quality check on a steak and let’s say the guest has cut just the outside part of the steak and they say it is a tad overcooked have them cut the steak in the centre. Many times when they do that they will see it will be cooked just right.

You can save yourself a lot of do overs if you have them cut the centre to check to see if it is cooked to their liking. The edge of a steak might , depending on the thickness of it , have started to go cooking onto the next temperature level.

The other night it happened to me when someone had ordered a well done. This time it worked the opposite as the steak came out pretty quick so when I did the table check when he cut the steak on the edge and said it was fine I asked him if he would cut the centre to see if it was the same. He did and said it was fine. In some cases when someone orders let’s say a medium which is pink throughout and they cut at the side it will be fine but when they get to the centre it becomes red. Then they call you over.

Save yourself a lot of trouble and cook ups or redos by making sure when you do the quality check they have cut the centre of the steak to see if it is cooked the way they like it.

Hope this helps anyone out there!



  1. I'm not joking Steve when I tell you ours are always right……every time…..seriously….I'm back again btw…

  2. Manuel…great stuff you are back.I would say we are pretty spot on as well as far as temperatures go and we do a lot of them. The grill is packed all the time with cuts of meat. It is mostly the guest who orders the wrong thing.Hehe

  3. Yes, excellent point. Along with educating your customers on what those meat temps mean. I think a lot of people get caught up in the romance and sophistication of ordering a medium rare steak, but most of them would not be prepared for a warm red center with some blood. Better lighting in restaurants would be good too; at my casual dining chain the environment is supposed to be cozy (I think) and people who order well done steaks see all kinds of pink that just isn't there when you get it under the 2000 watt bulbs in the kitchen. Lol! Great stuff. God bless.

  4. The Veteran Server…sometimes too people don't know what they want until whomever they are eating with tells them and then you hope for the best. Yowser!

  5. Well done enough for you sir? no, I want it burnt!Question. What do you do if it is cooked how they ordered it and you know there is nothing wrong with the cut, what do you do? Happy cooking

  6. Chef's Kitchen Rant…if it looks okay and cooked the way they want it and they want to complain. I will say it looks great the way you ordered it but I go get the manager over. Let them deal with it. I have other tables to deal with.

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