Tuesday Quiz Answers

Okay here are the answers. Some were easier than others or maybe they were all hard. Who knows?

1. Metaxa is the well known brandy from Greece.

2. That brandy based German bitters is called Underberg.

3. The grape that makes a good vintage port from Portugal is Touriga Nacional.

4. A pousse-amour uses an egg yolk in the middle of the layers of liqueurs. A pousse-cafe does not.

5. The cheese Sbrinz comes from Switzerland.

There you go. As usual I also learned a lot from the quiz.

Thanks for stopping by.



  1. Please exchange restaurant site links with me for your sidebar blogroll. I’ll include you on mine, as well. My site is http://insidedish.com.Let me know.Thanks,Pete

  2. Pete…be happy to do so!

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