Meeting Up With a Co-Worker From 6 Years Ago

A couple of nights ago I delivered some food to this young sharp couple in the bar area. I don’t usually pay much notice to whom I am delivering the food because after I deliver it , I am away to do other things usually in my own section.

Anyway about an hour later the waitress tells me that the guy at table 115 whom I delivered food to earlier says that he worked me at the Millcroft Inn back in 2003. So I am wondering who the heck it is cause I did deliver their meals and that was how he recognized me. I go over and he says I would be real impressed if you remembered me. I haven’t the faintest idea so he tells me his name and that he was the bartender during the time I was there.

Well I’ll be I said. I thanked him for remembering me and we chatted a bit before he left. You know it’s funny when I think back how I got this job at the Millcroft Inn 6 years ago. I was searching the net one night and came across a person whom I worked with at The Aerie Resort in Victoria 7 years earlier and I sent him an email to say hello. He replied back within a day and asked me how I was doing and I filled him in mentioning I was on the hunt for something with more income. Mentioning he had an opening as a Captain in the Millcroft’s 4 Diamond Restaurant I did not hesitate and started with him a couple of month’s later.

He was the Dining Room Manager and he used to give me some big sections. One night that stood out for me was a busy night when I had two , not one , back waiters running my food. I had tasting menues going on , expensive wines , big bills etc… I was ringing up the orders and picking up courses like crazy throughout the night. This one particular night at the end of it I did 38 covers and my sales were $4,000 for the two sittings. Made over $750 in tips that night before tipping out . I was generous you could say as I even tipped out each back waiter $100.

To this day I don’t think anyone there has come close to $4,000 sales for an evening service as shortly after that happening the Dining Room Manager left , and the sections got a lot smaller under new management. I moved on as well. My wife still works there after all this time so I would know if anyone was doing those kind of numbers.

Seeing the bartender the other night reminded me of that night where the squirrel point of sale system was really humming. That night I was in a zone you could say.


  1. That is amazing! I would’ve fainted half way through sales like that 😉 – but anything that would’ve paid my mortgage [in one night at the time] would be okay by me. Wow![verification word: maken – as in “maken” money – W/E was! 😀

  2. SkippyMom…it was a good night you could say. Shortly after bankruptcy I needed a few nights like that to get back on our feet.

  3. Those kinds of nights are amazing. I’ve worked a lot of them over the years, but the scale is different every time. It used to happen every Monday at one place. They scheduled me as the only server for the whole restaurant, but half the days it would get *really* busy. But I was like you – I had a busser and a hostess, and a couple of cooks who were there to help. When you’re a good waiter, you gear up and figure out how to direct your people and you get it done, and get it done well. I say the scale is different because those crazy Monday nights would net me like $120-150. Hey, it was an inexpensive place.

  4. Waiternotes…it’s a real buzz isn’t it? Like you are conducting an orchestra or something like that.

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