Something Happened on the Way to Work

Yesterday was a pretty normal day. I woke up to get my oldest one ready for school and make his lunch then walked with him part way then headed back home to see that my younger one was doing okay and he was as he was practicing counting up to a 100.

My wife was at work already as she does breakfast at the nearby inn and comes home about noon. In the meantime I do some dishes , play on the internet , then my youngest guy and I played some cards and we read a story together. At noon we take him to Junior Kindergarten.

We spend a couple of quiet hours at home. I laid down for a bit to get some rest before my shift that starts at 5:30. At 3 we pick up the kids then we have some dinner then I head to work about 4:35 to get to work 15 minutes before my shift.

Pretty normal till I hit some road construction going on about 10 minutes later that has been going on for quite some time now. I pass the traffic light when shortly thereafter the car in front of me slows down to a stop because of someone doing a left ahead of him. I stop the car then BAM the jeep behind slams into me who didn’t stop. He hits me hard enough I hit the car in front of me. I am a grill cheese sandwich.

I get out of my car and the jeep driver gets out of the car and he feels real bad. I say what were you doing? Apparently he took his eyes off the road to answer his cell phone.

My car now is at the body shop. I am okay but maybe tomorrow I will wake up a bit stiff. I will get a rental and work tomorrow night. Everyone was okay. I am glad my kids weren’t with me or there would have been ambulances to attend to them. Thank god for that!

You know yea my car is a bit fucked right now and I gotta run around tomorrow and get a rental which is a bit inconvenient but the insurance will cover it. But you know I am an extremely lucky person that I am okay.

It puts everything in perspective. It really doesn’t matter who we serve in a restaurant or whether some people’s stocks are not doing so well or whatever. It always boils down to one thing, are we grateful for what we have now?

Tonight when I came home I gave everyone a hug and I think this weekend in Canada I will enjoy Thanksgiving just a little bit more than usual.


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  2. Hi Banquet Manager…Thank you!

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