What Food and Beverage Waiters Should Have

Going back to work last night after the car accident the night before especially with my head feeling a bit funny might not have been the wisest thing to do but I had to do it. With a family to support and the inconsistent income a waiter is subjected to one cannot afford to miss too many shifts.

With that I have to add that most of us in the service industry are an injury or illness away from missing a lot of work with no safety net. A 100% loss of income with no back up vocation to make up for it would be devastating.

Waiters and bartenders are definitely discriminated against I feel. I mean when it comes to declaring your tips the government expects you to claim all of them yet when you are on disability or maternity leave you get paid a percentage of what is on your income tax statement of earnings. This statement of earnings is basically minimum wage.

As well banks only look at this when considering you for a loan which makes it difficult to buy property. I mean on $12,000 income on your earnings slip hardly qualifies you for a mortage , does it?

Also it would help if the restaurant industry were to offer something more in the way of staff benefits and I just don’t mean a staff meal at a discount. A sick day a month , medical and dental benefits would be nice. Of course , some service personnel would groan at the thought of paying perhaps a small part of their tips a month to be covered by this with the additional portion chipped in by the employer. But think of the benefits to the industry. People would actually consider staying in it longer.

Without a benefit plan if you get a wisdom tooth yanked out , have to miss a day cause of an accident , or any other emergency crops up , the cost of not working and getting what has to be fixed is high. I think what you would pay in a month for an employee benefit group plan would pay for itself quickly in one shift.

Any opinions on this???

I will be away for the next couple of days. I am going to Peterborough for a speech to a senior citizen group on Tuesday and need to prepare for that. Happy Thanksgiving from Canada to you all. Thanks for reading!

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