I Have to Ask But Are You a Senior?

It is Halloween today and I have the day off work from the restaurant so I can take out the kids for trick or treating. It will be fun and I am looking forward to it.

But something happened yesterday to me that makes this Halloween seem extra special. You see it seems just like a few years ago when my Mom would dress me up as a clown by putting lipstick on my face then give me a couple of big shopping bags and I would go out and not come home till I had enough candy to last me till May at least.

This was fine until about age 11 – 12 years old when I was still out at 9PM trick or treating when this woman asked me if I wasn’t getting a bit old to be doing this. Naturally it didn’t dawn on me , even though my height probably was about 5’10” with a size 11 shoe at the time , that until she said that , that maybe I should hang up the Halloween thing for good.

That was a sure indication at that time that I was growing fast and now that I was entering my teenage years perhaps I should put this part of my life into memory and move on to other things like playing football , chasing girls , and drinking beer. Although the latter didn’t occur until 3-4 years later. Yes it is true.

Well yesterday I went into Shoppers Drug Mart and it is senior’s discount on Thursdays with 20% off of all purchases. I just went in to buy some cough medicine for the kids and at the cash this young girl asked me if I was a senior. Now to get the discount you have to be 55 but I figured this girl is young and she is just doing her job but c’mon do I really look like I am 55!

My reply was no and how old do you have to be? Now a lot of people have told me that I should have said yes and got the discount. Others just laughed.

This is the first time I have been asked if I was a senior by anyone , and although I am a ways from it yet , I am closer to being a senior and getting the discount than I am going out and dressing up for Halloween. If you get my drift.

So tonight when I go out for Halloween I will remember back to 1971 when I was about 12 and going out for the last time , thinking about hanging up the clown outfit , and looking ahead to the future.

I will probably enjoy the Halloween more than ever before when I go out with the boys just because now I know that just yesterday someone thought I might be a senior.

Trick or Treat Anyone?

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