It is Not About the Money You Make but The Time You Spend

During Christmas in the past I have been used to work many hours no matter where I have been. Usually upwards of 70 hours a week. This is my first Christmas that I will be working at my present job so you can imagine my amazement when I came in last night to work and there was a notice in the staff room stating that if anyone wanted more than 5 days in a row off during the Christmas season that they would need special permission to get it.

Excuse me? What? You mean to tell me that I can actually have the possiblity of having 5 days in a row off during the Christmas season! I mean wherever I worked before 2 days in a row was considered a vacation and that usually occurred when during one of those days the restaurant was closed.

As well , management was asking people whether we wanted Christmas Eve off or Boxing Day so I chose the Boxing Day as it is my son’s birthday. I know other places I have worked I was normally off those two days but even though I am working Christmas Eve till about 10ish I will have spent more time this December with my kids than I have in the last few years. So the trade off is worth it. My body will not be bruised and battered either from 70 hour work weeks.

Yesterday on a Saturday I was off , which is a rarity but a nice change , and although I could have been working tonight and making money by switching with someone else , it served as a nice break before the Christmas rush starts.

It was a beautiful autumn day here in Ontario and when we went out for the day it was great to come home afterwards and not have to think about going to work Saturday night like a lot of other food and beverage waiters were doing.

I have to say I am glad I have a life outside of being a server or bartender because in the past it wasn’t always like that. Especially in my early 20’s all I did was work , work , and more work.

Now I just want to work enough and do other things. When I am off I don’t think about the money I am missing. The servers could have made $300 tonight but the day I spent was worth that and more with my family. Do you know what I mean?

Like I said , it’s not about the money you make but the time you spend that counts……..

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