A Delicate Situation

So yesterday’s post was what I do when I clear the table and there is still quite a bit of food left on a person’s plate. You will have to check it out for that full story but last night’s service brought on a variation of the quality check the waiter always does once the guests start devouring their meal.

I get this deuce right off the bat and the guy upon greeting the table looking like he is having a bad day. Not that he was rude or anything but he just seemed pretty quiet and a smile was hard to show on his face. She orders the steak and crab and he gets the steak and lobster. She wants her steak done medium rare and his medium well.

The meal comes out and I go over shortly after once they have taken a bite or two and ask if everything is meeting their expectations. She looks up and says it’s great but I don’t get any response from the guy. He doesn’t even look up at me so I ask him if everything is good and he replies with just an ok.

I answer back with an ” only ok” and then he shows me the steak and it is well done and not medium well so at this point I want to take it back and get him a new one but he says no it is fine and he will eat it. After a tussle back and forth , with me wanting to take the plate away and him saying it is fine and that he will enjoy it I leave the plate with him to continue eating.

Now I know he is forcefully eating a steak he really doesn’t like and my inability to yank the plate away to get him another failed miserably. Listen I did try but I am not going to get into a scrap with someone who will eat what is in front of him anyway.

But you know at the end of the meal , the it’s okay during the quality check will soon be a complaint at the end of the meal and I didn’t want to take that chance. You never know and the guy did not come in the most jovial mood judging by the lukewarm reception I got when saying hello.

So I get the supervisor and explain what happened and ask him if he will go over just to talk to him. As it turned out he continued eating the steak and the supervisor bought the drinks for the table.

I do not even think the supervisor even had to buy the drinks they were having at the table but the fact is rather than let it go and not get the supervisor to go over to the table would have been a big mistake. He might not have even complained after but he would not have been happy either.

Upon paying he thanked me and I felt the situation was resolved and he got the attention he deserved for eating a steak that was too overcooked for his liking. Sometimes a customer can be too nice and eat something they do not really like. What will happen afterwards we have to watch out for. The complaint or never coming back. Either one is usually the result.


  1. Well done (no pun intended:))! I think as servers/bartenders in this profession, we come to figure out who the scammers are and who is the real deal. I am not one to complain in a restaurant. If the meal is edible, I just eat it. However, if there is a major issue, I will be discreet and say something. I usually return to that restaurant too and knowing what I know, the service won’t be that same as the last time. My meal with most likely come out correctly.When I have situations like this, even when the customer says everything is fine and plainly it isn’t, I will take off the cost of a couple of drinks or discount their meal and then surprise them with it upon giving them their check. They certainly didn’t ask for it nor expect it and it shows I wanted to make an effort to regain their trust in us and send them on their way with a feeling that we tried to make things right with them.This business is filled with many twists and turns. So many times we find ourselves getting inside our customer’s head. We can never say it is boring, huh?

  2. Chris…boring it isn’t. I think that is why I still do it and oh yeah the cash is good too! Ha

  3. Thats one of the great things about who you work fior…they really mean to take care of their customers with QSV…I remember the emphasis, or lack of that they placed on food cost percentage saying “you can’t take Percentage to the Bank” and we went for Contribution and average check.Smart stuff!

  4. Bulletholes…absolutely. The motto is if you are unhappy we will make it right no matter what and follow through on it. That is why we are busy and most aren’t.

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