How To Sell More Features

This works for me when I bring up any features we have.

After my initial greeting and then telling me how they are I then say something like this.

Now I know you just sat down and have not looked at the menu yet but I just wanted to let you know that right now we have our feature menu right here ( I open the menu to that page so they can see where it is located ) and mention that if you like ex. dungeness crab this is a great opportunity to treat yourself , pointing out a couple of entrees that are on the menu. Then I finish off by adding that this is the only time of year this is available and this feature menu is on for just a limited time only. In fact , I think there is only a couple of weeks left to go. So just wanted to let you know so you can have a look at the feature menu.

What I have done here is point out where it is in the menu , given them a couple of choices and given the sense of urgency that if they do not order it tonight they will miss out as it will soon be over.

If there is no menu insert and we have to mention the feature verbally I will say something like the chef has some tempura shrimp which is a feature we do not have that often and it is served with sweet and spicy chili sauce or whatever…….Then as well we also have the rack of caribou served with a lingonberry sauce which is only available during this time of the year ( Fall in this case ).

Here is my point when we mention the features no matter how many times they may appear as the feature you have to create a fear of loss with the guest so at least they will think about it harder. Then when you say it always let your voice trail off so it is a soft sell but just loud enough so they will hear you. Not everyone may order it but if you leave them with one liners like the following it may help you sell more and your chef will love you. Just change them up as you like.

1. In fact , I think there is only a week left………or

2. In fact , I think this is the last night we will be featuring this entree………..or

3. In fact , quite a few people have commented on how delicious the feature menu is……….

The last one everyone likes to know what the reviews have been like by other people. No one wants to miss out on a good thing. You create the fear of loss.

4. In fact , a lot of people have been ordering the caribou tonight………..

Then after I slip one of these in I leave them taking the pressure off by adding , well anyway have a look ( if it is a menu insert ) or verbally I will say something like I just wanted to let you know. I will be back in a couple of minutes to take your order and walk away or take the drink order right there.

If you want to be friends with the chef sell the blazes out of those features.

On another note depending on how your selling ability is , I have noticed very few ever ask what the price is. It is all about we gotta order this now or we will miss out.



  1. Once again a great tip. You will not only be in the chefs good books but the chefs will feel that they are producing the extra specials that people do appreciate. It will hopefully encourage them for more. Nothing worse than busting your ass all day to create something original and additional to the menu just to sell none, that sucks.

  2. Chef's kitchen rant…always good to try to sell the features as they usually always are great value.

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