I Think I Won Again

Yes that is right another contest for highest average check was held this week and unless someone makes a huge night tonight I obtained the highest. This month I said this was going to be a good month and so far it is. Today enjoying my third day off in March.

I have been upsizing the steaks , selling the feature martinis , making sure everyone has a drink in front of them , selling add-ons , getting guests to share appetizers or desserts if they cannot have one all their own , selling coffee. You name it.

Coffee is a biggie. Something so easy to serve adds a couple of dollars to the average guest check.

Hey 14 years ago this week I left the ship for the last time. March 10th in Singapore. Time flies but this streak I am on makes me realize there is still a lot left in the tank.

Feels good……


  1. I just picture you being so understated and suave while suggesting a larger steak or a dessert I know I would say "Of course, thank you!"Nicely done – can't wait to read what you eat/drink this week. You should be proud. 😀

  2. Contests are a great way to encourage upselling and selling behaviour period. I am always surprised by how few restaurants actually reward their staff for high sales. Having been on both the management and service side of the business for longer than I care to admit, I can tell you it is not hard to set up. In fact, the rewards can often be covered by suppliers and vendors, beer or wine companies, swag, glassware, or affiliated companies. Keep the good time rolling…

  3. good on ya! well deserved win

  4. SkippyMom…I am on a roll for sure although I think the prize was to pick your shifts.Something I was already happy about anyway. Maybe I can get a meal again.

  5. Pseudo Waiter…welcome and I am with you.Incentives make it more fun for everyone to do better by having something to shoot for.

  6. Cat…thanks. Just like to keep it going.

  7. Manuel…I smoked everyone last week. The second place guy did 54 less covers than I did and still finished about $4 per head short. I was on top of the heap last week.

  8. Don't raise that average too high or the tax man may show up.

  9. Banquet Manager…Hey doesn't mean people tip if your average is high. At least not where I work. ha

  10. You're on such roll!:)

  11. Caz…I know..it is good to be king for a day.

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