Holiday Scheduling

My employer usually does the schedule for us two weeks in advance so that we can request certain days off if we need them and give us a chance to plan something ahead of time. My wife’s employer on the other hand puts out the schedule on a Saturday for the following week beginning on Monday. This week I am off when my wife works and vice verse. It is too bad that some places don’t have the staff or foresight to be able to schedule ahead.

Where employers fail I believe in properly motivating staff comes down a lot of the time to their lack of attention paid to scheduling. Service personnel too many times work long hours on their feet for too many days without a day off. Then they get a schedule the last minute and find they are working four shifts before their next day off. Meanwhile laundry is piling up at home , single people need some social time , family people are missing their family and the list goes on.

Service staff come in and are getting bitchier with each passing day making it not easy to serve demanding guests. Co- workers become ornery with each other causing tensions to rise.

I have to say that at my place of employment that is not a problem at all as just last week they had schedules to fill out with request for days off between now and January 1. We were given a choice to work Christmas Eve or Boxing Day. If we closed on New Year’s Eve we could get New Year’s Day off. All in all pretty fair I would say.

Having the foresight and caring enough about what the employee and their personal obligations throughout the holidays were , I have to say my employer wins hands down compared to anyone else I could work for at anytime.

What about your employer? Have they got the holidays in mind and planning a schedule for the month of December now so you know when you work and any request you may have can be accommodated , or is it going to be left till last with a wait and see attitude?


  1. I agree that everyone needs some time off inbetween shifts unless we want to blow a fuse in front of the customers. The place I work at is never closed except new year's eve, and if one of us needs to give a shift away, he is responsible to find someone who will cover it. If he doesn't – his problem. That's how I have found myself working when I was sick.SUCKS.P.S.: Waiter Extraordinaire, will get to that story thingie soon, thx for your message! Haven't gotten around to re-posting it yet and am off to work this minute…

  2. I know this isn't relevant to your situation, but the beauty of my husband's occupation [Swimming Pool Industry] is he has always had paid vacation from Dec. 23 – January 2. He has only worked for two companies, but they both had the same policies – I love it and it doesn't count against his regular vacation/sick leave.Sorry about your wife's boss – that is just dumb.

  3. NO, this is a huge problem where I work. If everyone asks for the time off he says he gives time off by seniority. However, I have been there longer than most and still will not get the day off. And when we try to talk to him about it.. he just says it's not his problem. He also decided to schedule my friend while she will be in Florida.. and put out the next three weeks in the schedule when he usually only does one week in advance.. so now that I might have to quit.. I'm stuck with all these hours that I have to give away. I'm about to link you to my blogroll right now, thanks for posting mine!

  4. BB…there is nothing worse than that especially when the boss wants you to be constantly available cause he is the one he counts on while the others get what they want. That is common. Fight for your rights or leave when you can. Thanks for the return blogroll.

  5. Megaphon…I think I am lucky there is always a couple who want to switch shifts or pick up one where I work. If not though it is brutal if you have to work when you are sick. Have a good night at work.

  6. SkippyMom…paid vacation that is beautiful. As a waiter that is foreign to me and it is nice to have that paid during the xmas holidays to boot. Great going!

  7. Sorry if I sounded if I was gloating – if you knew the kind of hours Pooldad worked during the season [on salary] that holiday is a small pittance to make up for it.At his old company [27 years] he left at 5:30 am and returned around 10 0r 11 pm at night during the seasonal months. It was fun being a single mother for 7 months of the year. And he worked 6 days a week.So, I do apologize if I was touting something special. I am just grateful to have him to ourselves for two and half weeks a year.

  8. SkippyMom…no need to apologize. I completely understood what you meant. Pooldad deserved that time after all those hours he worked. I didn't think of it any other way believe me.

  9. Funny… holidays off. funny. I think because i'm A. single and B. work for a resort the idea of time of happens, twice a year in between seasons. When we're at 'high season' it could very easily be a couple of months before I have more than twelve hours of downtime between shifts. But, there's also the catch 22 of being the lead on the floor. Anyone who's in this position knows that basically it obligates you to work ahead of everyone else. the kitchen wants you present your host and manager want you present and the idea of you maybe having a life that is not guiding the other servers through a night with over a hundred covers puts everybody in a bitchy mood.

  10. Confessions of a Waitress…sounds like you have lots of responsibility where you are. Kinda shoots that thing about a day off during a holiday right out the window. That's why I don't want responsibility. When you got a family rather have some time with them at some point. It is tough.

  11. i'm sure there's going to come a time when I'll want to not be quite so available. and yeah the whole responsibility thing just kind of creeps up on you. one chore at a time. until you're stuck. But the good news? I make more money. My hourly rate isn't quite soo humiliating in my right to work state. and my gratuities are pooled and done by the hour. I'm paid for the extra time I spend. Doesn't mean I don't want to go to the midnight premiere of the new James cameron movie….

  12. Confessions of a Waitress…I used to work long hours then my back and legs couldn't take it anymore. Especially my back.My last really good job I couldn't take the 12-14 hour shifts through Christmas. A couple of years ago was flat on my back on Boxing Day for 3 days. Good money but my body couldn't take it. Where I am now too I can see my kids in December. That is special.

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