You’ve Got Some Nerve!

So these two guys walk in and take their table of two.

They ask me for two big 9oz glasses of wine so I go get it. I come back with them and they say would it be possible to get a bottle. Well yes Mr. Arshole sure you can.

I get them a bottle. Then one of them orders a salad and the other a hot appetizer. That will be all for now they add.

Meanwhile they order a second bottle and finally finish their appetizers. Then the guy who orders a salad is having his friend speak for him. Do you have any vegetarian dishes? No Mr.Arshole we are a freakin’s steakhouse I politely say.

His vegan friend orders a side and he orders a sirloin and shrimp. Meanwhile they order another bottle of wine. This is their third now. The same people who were just going to have a glass at the beginning.

Then while having them taste the third bottle they say , we should get free appetizers for this.

I don’t say anything. What a nerve these people have! Why do you think you are entitled to free appetizers for drinking some wine you cheap F###***s. Then they kept ordering free bread.

Then I give them the bill and then his vegan friend says can we maybe get a glass only each of more wine? WTF! Then they want more bread but sorry the kitchen is closed and we are out.

Final bill $186 – Tip $10.00

Cheapskates! Go eat somewhere else next time!

Preferably where you came from.


  1. No sir you PAY for the privilege of getting drunk in our establishment. If you would like to take the edge off of your bender may I suggest you order & pay for another app.Jeesh, where do you find these people. Looks like they [barely] tipped on the food and not the wine. Drunks.

  2. SkippyMom…cheap is right. If they tipped right I could have made a $100 on a slow night.

  3. I don't understand where people get this idea. I have customers ask me for a free drink because they bought two.

  4. LW..because they are buying food and drink they feel entitled. I wonder if the reverse was true and we went to where they work would we be entitled as well.Hum don't think so.

  5. I don't understand people wanting something for nothing. Defintitely not worth your time.

  6. Waitress Diary…definitely not. That was nuts.

  7. The real kicker is the $5.50 or so tip out on a close to $190 bill. So you put up with all this for $4.50. On the side, good to read your blog again – good for a chuckle.

  8. What jerks! I missed your stories!!

  9. BB…they were and glad to hear from you. Good luck on the move.

  10. Michael Blake…Hi buddy! The only thing good about this is I had a $60 cheque average per person that night. Maybe I will win the free meal if I do good Saturday and Sunday. Sunday will be dead already cause of the gold medal game I figure. Slow week all round.

  11. Oh man! What a couple of dicks! The stuff people say trying to get free things never fails to amaze me.

  12. Purplegirl…seems to be getting worse out there at times.

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