Someone Should Kick This Guy in The Head!

So this hotshot 26 year old waiter who thinks he is better than everyone else says to me he is going for a quick smoke and can I watch his 3 tables. He leaves me his card.

The host immediately sits 3 people in his section like an idiot because he didn’t tell her he went on break and I take their order using his card. I actually did that cause I was set on heading out and didn’t want to take another table at that time.

When he comes back I said I took their order and punched it up on his card. He replies back that yes I should have cause it was in his section.

Now wait a freakin’ minute if I am going to watch your section I will usually take any tables that come in and put them under my card. Fuck him! If he has to go for a smoke that is his loss. Sure I will watch the other tables he has served but actually be his bitchboy and take a food and drink order and have him collect the tip at the end??? I never heard of that before anywhere.

Even upon leaving I said to him do you want me to introduce you to the table? He said no. What a class act!! The union must have gone to his head…He has got this attitude that about the only place he can work is a pub.

There is more going on in tomorrow’s blog…..Everyday there is something going on and I got a doozy thing coming up tommorrow that happened today upon leaving.

Sorry for the profanity but that is the way I felt about the whole thing.

Care to comment???


  1. He sounds like a real GEM! No need to apologize for the profanity! I completely understand.

  2. I wish this guy worked for me, I'd take care of him.

  3. The Restaurant Manager….he has some difficulty. Too many walls built up. Rough around the edges. What can I say. At least in a month from now I will be in a different restaurant although that may bring on new stuff. Who knows?

  4. Banquet Manager….I wish he did too and I was with you when stuff like this came down.

  5. I'd be happy to kick him in the face!…as long as I dont have to work with the prick! haha We all have to work with idiots sometimes. It's life be it inside or ouside of the restaurant industry. I like what you have to say! check me out

  6. wow.. he's such a ________ "bad word"… it's been a while tat i visit and before you post about a new job is this the job you will be leaving soon.. ??

  7. flippingtables…I like your blog.

  8. Stephanine….this is the new job. Until when I am still testing it out.Have a great day!

  9. Where I work, were all mature and good buddies. Nobody slacks. So if some one went for a smoke I would watch there section of course no problem, even take an order if needed an plus over when that server got back. Not a big deal. But this guy sounds like a tool. How long was he gone? 20 min? One thing that helps a restaurant be successful is a good team work staff. In order to have that all staff need to respect each other. And each others right to make money for equal work. If thats not the case for you, then I feel bad for you. Managers at your place must be weak, mousey, lazy or simply overworked, for them to care. Owners who are indifferent will be claiming bankruptcy soon enough, then you will need to move on. Airport union? I hope its worth while. Next time he asks to go for a smoke tell him where to go. And stick to that. The indifferent management can benefit you as well.

  10. Anonymous….it probably won't matter anyway. Apparently my Monday nights off to teach bartending are a big question mark. So it looks like I have to leave soon.

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