Great Verbal Tips This Weekend Grrrrrrr….

I don’t know how many times people said great meal and great service and left me just the minimum. I mean how many tables do I have to do to make great money when people are leaving 8 , 9 , and $10? All I can do is hurry through the numbers and hope by the end of the night I get a real good one sometime during service to bump my take home up.

I see very quickly that Spring is almost here and although I am not complaining that warmer weather is coming very quickly it also means the slow season is coming upon us. So the more shifts I work till about Mother’s Day the better. Then I can take some time off during the summer.

Hopefully we will be heading to Iceland the beginning of July for two weeks. Hot Springs , Blue Lagoon , camping and lots of daylight hours to enjoy there.

I would estimate in this 6 day stretch I just worked during the past week I probably served about 140 people. Come to think of it I had to make some good money somewhere during that time. How could I not?

How was your last week?

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