If I Could Pick a Spot to Retire

As the years pass by and I get closer to the day when I can put up my feet and retire I often recall a lot of the traveling I did while working on the cruise ship. My idea of retirement would be close to a beach with warm temperatures and where my money would go much further. Also where the pace of life is slower.

It may be surprising for you to know that Turkey would be a place that I would recommend highly. No not Istanbul and it’s hustle and bustle but a property in Fethiye is where I would settle down. Why Fethiye you ask?

Well first of all it is hot and dry in the summer. The average temperature during the month of July is 34 Celsius. Now that may seem hot but it is a dry heat so it would be more comfortable than you think and with the Agean Sea nearby and fabulous beaches you can always go in for a refreshing dip whenever you felt like it.

As well the British Pound or American dollar goes a long way in Turkey. Lodging and food is not expensive. In fact Fethiye is home to 7,000 British Nationals who live there year round and many more who holiday in the summer there. So unlike moving to another country where no one understands English there is already many who would understand my native tongue and help me get around and settle in to the Turkish customs.

Now if I was to retire somewhere I would want to make sure that I could still go out and enjoy myself. Fethiye has some great restaurants and bars to choose from to celebrate any occasion. For young and old there is also some great scuba diving in these parts. The Agean Sea is one of the cleanest bodies of water anywhere.

I am a very avid history buff as well and just living and holidaying in this area would be a dream come true. With history dating back to the Ottoman Empire and warring Turks there are small nearby towns that have plenty of historical artifacts and buildings going back thousands of years.

I remember in Turkey shopping was a real treat. I bargained with many shopkeepers there and bought the cheapest leather jacket I ever bought in my life. It is encouraged to bargain so never go by the sticker price. Bid hard and hold firm! It is a lot of fun.

To sum up if you like to retire somewhere clean, not expensive but good value, good food and shopping, a beautiful location with a multitude of things to do consider Turkey on the Agean Sea. And you will still feel at home surrounded by many others who have made the same choice.

Hey maybe some day I will see you there!

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